Looking After My Elderly Parents – Incontinence Pads And Products

One of the hardest things to happen when you reach that time of life where you look after your elderly parents, is when you are expected to help them with the toilet or where they suffer from incontinence and you need to clean them up. It is such a difficult transition for you and them, roles reversed from when they looked after you as a baby. It is often a necessary part of life when looking after your elderly loved ones and there is no shame in it, or to feel upset and lost with it all. Finding a suitable supplier of incontinence products though, is a great start to managing the situation and ensuring that your parents are looked after in the best possible way.

There are different ways in which you can manage the transition and make sure that you keep your parents clean and safe if they are suffering from incontinence. Depending on the severity and the reasons behind incontinence, there are different ways to manage the situation, including a wide range of incontinence products to help during the day and night with both faecal and urinary incontinence.

Adult nappies have changed so much in recent years and they are much more comfortable than they used to be. Your elderly parents might be scared at first by the use of the term ‘adult nappy’ so think about using other terms to help describe adult incontinence pants or pads. By using incontinence pants and pants it is important to make sure you pick an item that is comfortable and provides as much mobility as possible, depending on the severity of the incontinence. If your parents quickly come to terms with an incontinence pad or pants as part of getting dressed each morning, it will help them to see that it can aid them when going about their daily lives. Without the help of incontinence products, your parents lives can quickly diminish due to the impact of incontinence. 

Another quick and easy fix when helping your elderly parents with incontinence is to fit incontinence bed sheets. This is a great way to offer peace of mind at night, helping to keep your parents dry, clean and hygienic, whilst protecting the mattress from any leaks and stains that might occur during their sleep. Incontinence causes great pain and suffering to a person’s confidence and waking up to find that you have wet the bed or soiled the bed is an unpleasant experience that can have a dramatic effect on a person, leading to depression and other mental health problems. 

A waterproof bed sheet is a simple way to aid sleep, offering great protection and comfort in a quick and easy manner. At first, your parents don’t even need to know that a mattress topper is waterproof, it can just be an aid to greater comfort that also happens to offer incontinence protection. This incontinence product can also be used alongside adult incontinence pants

There are different ways to approach helping to care for your elderly parents, especially when they are first suffering with incontinence. Keeping them upbeat, clean and hygienic, and offering greater mobility wherever possible, are all key things to attempt with the help of a specialist incontinence shop.