Neuro fitness with Roids – a new direction in optimizing the state of our nervous system

Fitness for the brain is the maintenance of emotional, cognitive (cognitive) and executive functions at the level necessary in order to succeed in modern society.

That is, attentiveness, a large amount of working memory, emotional self-regulation and the ability to make decisions are the basic skills and abilities necessary for a happy life and a successful career. We pump our brain!

  • 1. The main principle of the brain: “Use or lose.” Mental activity develops our brain throughout life and makes its work more efficient. Do not let him relax and do not forget that he also requires food, intellectual, of course.
  • 2. And yet the brain is part of the body. However strange it may be, physical education strengthens the brain. Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on his work, increasing the rate of appearance of new neurons.
  • 3. Bread and sight – not an empty phrase. Material food is also important. Proper nutrition improves brain performance. Although our “intelligent” organ makes up only 2% of body weight, it absorbs more than 20% of the oxygen and nutrients we consume.
  • 4. Tune in to a positive wave and do not switch! An optimistic mood should become familiar to you, avoid disturbing thoughts and stresses – they, in contrast to physical exercises, kill neurons and prevent the creation of new ones. Therefore, do not worry in vain, but rather learn more.
  • 5. Make “challenges” to your brain, offering it to solve fundamentally new Anabolic Steroids in USA and Worldwide, change the conditions and type of activity. The main thing: do not get hung up on just one thing!
  • 6. Do not stop learning, as many do, saying goodbye to the university. If you are well versed in your work, this is good, but do not forget about other areas of knowledge. Let the phrase “A day will not be in vain if I learned something new” will become your life credo.
  • 7. Passion for travel – perhaps the most pleasant of the keys to effective brain function. Adapting to new places and radically changing the situation requires a lot of attention and concentration. The brain in such cases is actively working, absorbing new information.
  • 8. “Learning from the mistakes of others” is, of course, good, but not real. Man always makes his own mistakes. Learn from them, analyze them and try to make decisions yourself. Advice advice, but train your own brain, not someone else’s. Or train others with yours.
  • 9. Another very pleasant advice: communicate, interact more with other people. Closing your social circle, you greatly limit yourself in terms of information. New acquaintances will benefit you in every way.
  • 10 Oh yes, laugh more often! Especially over subtle and intellectual humor. Come up with jokes yourself, charades, pantomime and much more. Grow with a smile.

Want to be a fully developed personality – work on it. Nothing is given to us just like that, and good brains, too.