New Age in Male Skincare

Gone are the days when talking about skincare was the business of women. Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of male skincare, not only for aesthetics but also for health. So, friend, try to include in your routine some habits that may surprise you by the results – after all, it is not that difficult to have a well-groomed beard, clean, hydrated, and protected skin. Forget old taboos and start taking better care of yourself.

Want to know how? Then check out our tips with some habits, the right products, and new technologies that can make your skin more beautiful and healthy:

Know your skin

The male organism has specific characteristics and, therefore, they also have to have particular care. It is expected (but not a rule) for male skin to be thicker, oily, and prone to acne and pimples due to hormonal issues.

It is necessary to follow a dermatologist in more severe cases, but, often, just taking care of the cleaning the best way to remove impurities, the accumulation of oil, sweat, and pollution. It is already possible to unclog the pores and reduce pimples and blackheads.

Besides, by knowing your skin type, you can control oiliness and prevent premature aging. A sunscreen is an option that you cannot leave out. This sun protection helps you to be immune from UV rays. For skincare for men, this is most important now.

First step: wash your face

Something familiar, but that needs to be observed are you using a suitable soap? It is not recommended to use the same body and face soap, as the body soap can dry out the skin on your face.

Due to dryness, there is an over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands, which understand that they need to intensify production to protect the skin from dryness and, thus, the face ends up getting more oily.

So, use specific soap (not only for the face but also for your skin type), and don’t forget to take care of the hydration afterward.

Male skin also needs hydration and sunscreen

Once cleaned, it is time to moisturize and make daily use of sunscreen. Once again, the rule is: look for specific products, as a wrong choice can further increase oiliness. Today, the best product brands invest in lines only for men because they know that they have specific needs.


Many products already fulfill both functions (moisturizers with sunscreen) and still manage to regulate the oiliness of male skin. But don’t forget good food, drinking fluids, and taking the cigarette out of your life are great allies for healthy skin. Even the beloved beer has a negative influence on hydration.