Nonsurgical Treatments for Your Eyelid


Youthful eyes communicate and convey an exciting life. Aging eyes and genetics may produce an aged, fatigued look in some cases. Many men and women who have wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and fat bulges under their eyes are looking for eyelid surgery.

However, the procedure is not required in some situations. Laser resurfacing, dermal fillers like Botox Toronto, non-surgical skin tightening, micro-fat grafting and even a good skin care regimen can help in improving the appearance of eyelids in certain patients. It is likely not shocking that many of the patients ask about eyelid surgery alternatives.

The best outcomes can be obtained by combining blepharoplasty with non-surgical therapy for upper and lower eyelids.  My job is to suggest the best recovery plan to my patients after speaking to them and observing them. This recovery plan is based on a single question as follows: “What is the right solution in your situation”? Is there any alternative to surgical treatment like facelift Toronto? Here is the answer:

Injectable Treatments

The contours of the upper eyelid and brow can be changed dramatically with BOTOX® injections. Treatments can tackle these two areas because of their inter-relationship, and neuromodulators that decrease wrinkles and can also generate a small brow raise. Dermal fillers, like Restylane, can help to develop a younger eyebrow arch.

I do not consider using chemical peels, laser skin therapies, or radiofrequency equipment for treating the upper eyelid   And in some situations, the best solution for the upper eyelid is a surgery that can build an image and younger look. The volume under the eyes can also be restored by injectable fillers. To achieve extensive results, we may combine upper blepharoplasty with tear trough filler and voluminous filler in the cheeks.


Laser Treatments

The skin on the top lid is considered the most thinnest and delicate skin on your entire body. If the fine lines or the lax skin are the main concerns, laser skin resurfacing may be a successful cure. Another alternative to fix skin discoloration under the eyes is a chemical peel. Other typical issues for the lower eyelid include dark circles, contour changes, or bulges that are caused by fat pads in the lower eyelid. In these cases, the eyelid procedure is required to remove and reposition the fat and to maintain the volume that produces a young look. I would also suggest that a limited volume of fat can be moved from the abdomen of a patient to the under-eye area so that the lost facial volume can be restored