Pay Attention To These Changes If You Have Breast Implants

Did you know that when you do the breast implant surgery, your results will not last forever? At one point you will need a breast implant revision, and for every woman, that point comes after a different period of time. That is because every skin is different and breast implants have limited life. That is when you can do breast implant revision surgery.

What does this mean?

Undergoing breast revision surgery means that you will have to undergo a second surgery. Because every implant has its warranty, you will most probably have to do the surgery before the end of your implant’s warranty. If you are not sure if you need an implant revision, make a consultation with the specialist who will do the evaluation.

There are cases where some women have bigger breasts that are sagging, so they decide to reduce the size of them with the procedure known as breast reduction surgery. This can be done by the doctor who specializes in breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic where you will get a more balanced shape and size of your breasts that will correspond better to your body.

Regain your volume and firmness

It can happen that, after some time from breast reduction procedure, your breast lose volume or start to sag and that is when they can consider breast implant surgery. When you undergo breast implant surgery, your surgeon will tell you to pay attention to a few signs which will show that is time for breast implant revision.

Pain and discomfort

It can happen that you experience pain and discomfort after the surgery and while that is normal first two days after the surgery, this shouldn’t happen after this period. This is an urgent indication which is showing that you will need a revision.

Also, your breasts may become tender or you may experience some pain when you touch your breasts or when your chest muscle stretch. This can be from a severe capsular contracture that is the result of abnormally extensive scarring. It is possible to extract scar tissue and to replace dislocated implants.

Implants getting old

Your implants will become old at some point in time and the risk of rupture will increase for older implants. The natural aging process may result in sagging breasts, as the skin is losing its elasticity. You should consider breast implant revision after 12 or 15 years of your breast implant surgery. The reliable breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic is one with great results as it is done by the professionals.

If your implants are old, there is a bigger possibility for rupture

The need for a different size

Over time, you may change your mind about the size of your implants and this is very common. Today, there are many variations in sizes and shapes that you can choose and fell more satisfied with.

Final word

Breast augmentation is a personal preference, so find the option which will suit you the best.