Perfect Balance for the Kneecap Usages

Do you suffer from knee pain and did not get an immediate appointment with your doctor? Here are some tips for relieving knee pain.

The knee is a major joint in the body because it provides the junction between the thigh and the leg. The knee joint, the pivot of the body, allows a good distribution of the body’s weight and plays a major role in the flexion of the leg. The knee joint represents the assembly made up of the lower end of the femur, the upper end of the tibia and the patella located in front.


The symptoms are essentially of two types, pain and stiffness. The pain can be of mechanical schedule that is to say that calms down at rest and worsens with movements or of inflammatory schedule. In this case, the pain wakes up at night. The knee is then often swollen, hot and sometimes red. Stiffness causes difficulty in flexing and extending, making it difficult to walk. You can read the Greek article at YgeiaKaiOmorfia and come up with the best solutions also.

Quadriceps Stretch Can Relieve Your Knee Pain

If you have pain in the front of the knee, on the kneecap; the pain is sharp when you go up and down the stairs or in a prolonged sitting position: you may have patellar syndrome.

What to do?

Stretching the quadriceps for 60 to 90 seconds will soften the painful area and reduce mechanical stress on the kneecap.

Stretching the Tensor of the Fascia Lata

You have pain on the outer side of the knee; every time you walk or run and you repeat this gesture, you feel like a friction: it is “the syndrome of the wiper”. The TFL or Tensor of the Fascia Lata rubs on the head of the fibula and makes you suffer.

What to do to reduce this pain?

Stretch the TFL as a preventive measure, make an appointment with a physiotherapist but also with the podiatrist. You will surely need insoles.

Icing or the application of a quadriceps tendon strapping

You can no longer bend the knee without feeling a shot of juice just above the knee; If you are asked to put yourself on one foot (the one in the leg that causes you pain), you are destabilized: you suffer from tendonitis of the quadriceps tendon, where the quadriceps muscle is inserted.

What to do?

  • Icing first, strapping. But also anti-inflammatory cream, such as arnica and lavender essential oils.

Strengthening the hamstrings

Your knee gives way, you suffer from instability and pain behind the knee, in the popliteal fossa: your anterior cruciate ligament may be partially or totally ruptured.

What to do?

Strengthen your hamstrings and perform an isokinetic test with a doctor or physiotherapist. This test should reveal the patient’s muscular efficiency in flexion and extension of the knee.

Hydration and forced rest after a strain

The knee is a joint where several muscles are inserted, including the rectus femoris which is located in the thigh and which is the muscle of the strike in the footballer. It is often this one who is the victim of breakdown.