Phosphorus’s Innovative COVID-19 Testing System: Test Yourself at Home

Phosphorus, an American biotech company from New York, has joined other players in fighting COVID-19. The company uses genomics in conducting top-rated research that improves human health. Thousands of patients have benefited from the company’s state-of-the-art genetic tests that help them live healthier lives by avoiding diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has led numerous healthcare companies to innovate with various measures of flattening the infection curve by minimizing and stopping the spread.

Phosphorus Introduces a Unique Testing System

Some companies have developed specialized testing systems for patients with severe health conditions, including cancer, to minimize infection risks due to exposure. Phosphorus has gone further by launching a saliva-based testing kit to help patients take their COVID-19 test at home. The company’s laboratory staff delivers the test results within three days after receiving patients’ saliva samples.

Embracing Modern Technology

Phosphorus has acquired a license from FDA to provide services in all 50 US states. The company has also raised the bar by collaborating with the Citizen app to help patients monitor COVID-19 trends and minimize their risk. According to the firm, the Bluetooth-enabled app uses the SafePass feature to monitor an individual’s exposure to the disease.

Additionally, the Citizen app enhances contact tracing by revealing whether the individual has had contact with a person who later tested positive. It also provides information on available testing centers. Since August 25, 2020, Phosphorus has offered complimentary testing services to such individuals. The company has promised to provide this free service for three months to break the infection cycle of the disease.

Protecting Your Identity

Phosphorus Diagnostics has assured individuals that it doesn’t intend to share their personal information. Additionally, the Citizen app deletes personal data after each month. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Bisignano, points out that the app will help trace new cases and handle them professionally. He further reiterates that the combination of the saliva test kit and Citizen app strengthens the home-based testing system.

Availability of Saliva Test Kits

Phosphorus has facilitated strategies to ensure that patients receive their test kits after ordering from the website. The company’s logistics team sends them to the patient’s address immediately.

Phosphorus has also collaborated with other players to reach more patients. For example, it has collaborated with Albertsons Companies, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The grocery powerhouse has over 2,250 stores, which can enhance test distribution through their pharmacies.

Patients fill out an online questionnaire through for review by the physicians. They later collect the kit or request delivery from the pharmacy. The pharmacy does restrict test kit pickup to patients not showing symptoms of COVID-19. Symptomatic individuals must arrange for a kit delivery or send a representative to the pharmacy in their place.

Analyzing the Sample and Sharing Results

Unlike other swab tests, the saliva kit is comfortable to use. The patient sends in their sample immediately upon receiving the equipment. Phosphorus lab analysts complete the genetic analysis procedure by studying the sample’s DNA within 72 hours. Genomics also involves identifying genetic variations leading to other health issues. The team sends the results to the patient and provides additional instructions.

Phosphorus connects patients with high-risk genetic variations to a Board Certified Genetic Counsellor for a specialized action plan. According to Phosphorus CEO Alex Bisignano, this new method has paved the way for more effective methods of curbing the spread of the virus. Dan Salemi, GVP of  Albertsons Cos. Pharmacy, noted that the company would continue supporting patients to embrace the home-based system for covid-19 testing cedar city ut.

Phosphorus’s Story

Alexander Bisignano and Dr. Santiago Munne started Phosphorus genomics in 2016. The firm has built a reputation through its expertise in conducting cost-effective, comprehensive, and high-quality generic tests. Furthermore, it has provided solutions for ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, and more through its advanced tests. The lipidology, neurology, and fertility sectors have also benefited, among other healthcare dockets.

In addition, the company’s Elements software enables physicians to access and utilize its genetic tests in developing local healthcare solutions. The healthcare sector has benefited from PhosphorusONE, the company’s proactive health screen that facilitates genomic tests for better health.