Play it by ear to hear better

It is always important to have a complete sense of hearing, vision and smell. If any one of these senses is muted or lessened, it is time to take some steps. There can be different types of issues with your hearing and it is not essential that everyone has to have the same problems. So it is essential to know the kind of problems you may be having with hearing deficiency. There may be differences in the elderly and children in case of hearing issues. It is the job of an audiologist to determine that.

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An online hearing assessment or a 5 minute hearing test is a great way to assess the hearing skills of the patient at different sound levels.  A hearing loss can be categorized into three basic types. The sensorineural hearing loss is one of the most common hearing deficiencies. This type of hearing loss occurs when the central nerve or the inner portion of the ear ceases to work. The auditory neuropath spectrum disorder occurs when the sound is transmitted to the ear in a normal manner. But there may be disturbances in the transmission of the sound to the brain. The conductive ear loss happens when the sounds are barred from passing through the middle or outer ear.  A surgery may be needed in this kind of ear problems if medicine does not work. Hearing loss can be congenital too means it may be there since one’s birth. A person can also have unilateral hearing incompetency or one that is bilateral. This means that one person may hear better in one ear or may be completely deaf in both ears. Every one of these problems has a cure and that is discussion with the audiologist.


An audiology test online helps the people to a great extent to determine and identify the kind of hearing issues which they may be having. So there is the question of knowing the kinds of hearing losses one can experience. There are children also who may be having problems with hearing or even elderly people. As it is, with the onset of age, people tend to lose their hearing abilities. So there is no need to panic but get yourself an online hearing assessment to determine which stage you are in. Then there is always an option to get the required treatment.