Preparing For Your Pre Employment Medical Check up – 9 Tips

The coveted job offer may bring a smile to your face and brighten your mood, but there are some things you need to do before landing in the office. First, you need a Singapore standard pre employment medical check up that assesses your health & wellness before anything else. It is a standard for most companies because they ensure the welfare of employees. Second, these things require preparation & skill because you have a few things to accomplish during the onboarding stage, such as the necessary government documents or a few other paperwork.

No worries, because we got you covered with helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for your appointment. Explore more of them in this article, and follow them at all costs to avoid issues with the doctor or anyone else from the clinic.

  1. Review the requirements and understand what you need for the medical check-up before your appointment. You can check this with your potential employer, staff from the clinic, or someone from the company who had a brief experience doing this.
  2. Organise everything and gather your medical records because it saves you time and energy. Fix your work permit before the medical check up or look for your immunisation records (if the clinic asked) because they might be hidden inside a drawer or someplace else.
  3. Try to get a good night’s sleep before your appointment so that you are well-rested and alert for the medical check-up. You will notice the difference between arriving there fully rested and with only a few hours of rest. Never do the latter because it can be stressful.
  4. Eating a nutritious meal before the appointment can help you feel more energised and ready for the tests and exams. You can choose a balanced plate with all the essentials and something light, fresh, but filling.
  5. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for the appointment and remove any jewellery or metal items before the check-up. Dressing appropriately goes a long way when preparing for a Singapore standard pre employment medical check up, so focus on what you wish to get from your closet.
  6. Be honest about your medical history, including any previous illnesses or conditions, because lying brings more harm than good. The purpose of being transparent is so the doctor can accurately assess your health.
  7. Prepare for a range of tests, including a physical examination, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests, depending on the company and employer requirements. Some things might look painful, but the doctor will talk to you about them.
  8. Follow the instructions of the doctor or nurse conducting the medical check-up, and be sure to ask any questions if you are unsure about anything. Why? If you have confusion during the session, you might miss a few crucial details.
  9. Take care of yourself after the medical check-up because it does not end at the clinic. First, be sure to rest and hydrate, and follow any instructions or advice from the doctor. It can be arranging a few things about your work permit after the medical check up or what you should do to change your lifestyle.

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