Psychological Reactions to COVID 19 Pandemic and How BLUE MIRROR Online Counselling Can Help You


It is true that nothing will ever be the same after the pandemic. Pandemic will completely change people’s lives, which will also change people’s reactions. A pandemic causes considerable psychological reaction; people find it difficult to get back to normal, which can lead to stress depression and aggression. Professionals suffer a lot of stress and anger because their ability to work is no longer the same as it before the pandemic. 

At the same time, children and adolescents are confused and unsure of how to handle this time. They are worried and concerned about the widespread damage around them and some of them are unable to process this. Parents are flustered and unsure of how they can manage their workload along with their families.

A pandemic causes people to become unemployed. After the pandemic, it is difficult for people to find work, which further increases stress and depression. The reaction of people after losing their jobs may be regrettable.

Due to pandemic in the relationship they do not stay bound which was before. Relationship problems as a result of being stuck at home with family members or spouse at all times; leading to greater fights, conflicts, and stress (this is especially applicable to people who did not have good relationships with each other in the first place).

After recoveries, the client feels that he was unable to do anything. He feels that he has lost his powers and status. It can be caused by the constant use of medication or being too alone for a long time.  When the person feels unusual and weak, he is awakening emotions like depression and helplessness. 

It’s not a surprise. After the recovery of infection, coping skills have been deteriorating for decades. Our relationships weren’t working, our choices were creating more problems than they solved, and our negative emotions were out of control. The pandemic has just made all of these a lot worse, and a lot easier to see.

After recovering from COVID 19 people have more depression. So, let me give some examples of which psychological reaction will be on the rise along with reasons associated.

The first psychological reaction is felt the worries after recovery of the pandemic. fear of not being able to interact with others, fear of having to interact with others; fear of contagions; fear that illnesses suggest the “end of the world’, fear of having to move out of the home, loss of employment; fear of not being able to provide daily needs; having to deal with negative believes about the self; and becoming absorbed in media negativity.

Second is depression whether it is caused by a chemical malfunction in the brain or a reaction to a sad/difficult/horrifying situation. Some reasons for the increase in depression include isolation; being stuck in the home with people you’re not comfortable with; having to give up activities that help to decrease the depressive symptoms; loss of income; and lack of access to medical care/mental health services. Add to this the inability to participate in goals (i.e. prom, graduation, family reunions, and weddings) and the depression takes you down a whole different road.

You cannot say that after a pandemic is helping people to improve the mental health suffering from anxiety & depression because the people are worried about their career, finance & lot many aspects by which it is difficult to deal with depression. The ratio of depressed people has been increasingly being at home.

Feeling anxious and anxious is a normal reaction to a no common occurrence such as pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). Remember that you’re not alone.

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What should we do?

If you feel, sometimes calm and sometimes panic. Seek professional support as early as possible if you are having a hard time. If you manage your emotion and reactions, check out blue mirror online counseling in Vancouver. Blue mirror is the organization that provides help with an online counselor. 

People suffering from mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and OCD are likely to experience increased severity and higher frequency of episodes. People suffering from certain psychosomatic disorders are also likely to see their condition deteriorate due to pandemic.

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