SIX indispensable medical equipments a hospital must have

Medical equipment is an essential part of hospitals, be they of high or low complexity. Thanks to them, it is possible to diagnose patients, treat diseases and take care of the health. They are instruments that facilitate medical work in a field full of challenges. If a healthcare center does not have the relevant technology, it will not be able to provide quality service or comprehensive care. Click here to know the medical devices a hospital must have.

Vital sign monitor

It is a device that measures the vital signs of patients and provides relevant information to the doctor, through indicators that are displayed on the monitor. The data that the team evaluates are the respiratory and heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation, allowing knowing the state of health of a person and the procedures to follow.

Electrocardiogram machine

The heart is constantly monitored to detect abnormalities in its frequency or rhythm. This task involves the ECG machines or the electrocardiograph, which captures and amplifies the electrical impulses of the muscle when the electrodes are placed on each of the patient’s extremities and on his thoracic area.

Diagnostic ultrasound

They are equipment for diagnostic images that facilitate the identification of internal anomalies, measure the density and structure of the organs, observe the tissues and blood vessels, etc. that make a condition visible. Its use does not cause pain in the patient, nor does it generate radiation. It works through a transducer that emits waves and detects their echoes, producing electrical signals that the device interprets to generate the images. With them, doctors can diagnose in a timely manner.


Its function is to help a patient breathe. For this, it has a system that moves the air in and out of the lungs. They are usually used in the intensive care unit and emergency rooms.


They are important to prevent the growth and presence of microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other contaminating agents in a hospital, medical implements that come into contact with patients and surgical tools. If sterilizers are not used regularly, a person can be exposed to these organisms and suffer complications.

Stress systems

Through them it is possible to know the health status of a patient under special conditions, which would not be detected in normal situations. To carry it out, the echocardiograph is used before the physical stress test and an echocardiogram is performed during exercise. The doctor compares the two results, evaluating the movement of the heart walls and determining the conditions of the heart.


If your hospital has these basic devices, it will have the capacity to attend to the different medical cases that arrive at the site. When choosing genuine electronic medical devices that will be part of your health center, you must consider several aspects – quality, brands, advanced technologies, recent software, ergonomic, intuitive and reliable. Besides, the ergonomic characteristics and its functions may vary according to the device. The modern medical device always meets the needs and preferences of both hospitals and independent health professionals. At Chrono Life Website you can find many of these hospital equipment.