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SoClean Does The Job of Keeping Your CPAP Machine Spotless | SoClean CPAP Machine

One of the main pain points of owning a CPAP machine is the equipment cleaning that comes with it. Medical professionals recommend to regularly wash and dry CPAP parts–which include the mask, the cushions, any headgear, and tubing–daily. The SoClean CPAP Machine, in particular, is one of the leading machines in the market. It’s no secret that this backbreaking task takes up a chunk of time in the morning and can become a stressful time for a lot of us.

Building a routine of cleaning your CPAP equipment every day can be good in the long run, but for some of us, we have to juggle a lot of to-do’s in the morning even before work starts. If this is something you deal with, SoClean can ease some of that burden by cleaning your equipment for you.

SoClean is an automated cleaning system that uses activated oxygen to thoroughly sanitize your equipment for your nighttime use. There will be no need to take apart the equipment of the CPAP machine and run it through water, SoClean does the job by cleaning through the tubes and equipment as it’s attached to the humidifier. It’s an efficient, fuss-free method to appease those woes of manual washing. If you already think SoClean is for you, you can buy the machine here.

Here are just some of the reasons why SoClean can help you save time– and potentially, money– in the long run:

No (Dis)assembly Required

Instead of taking apart your CPAP machine to bring to the sink, or wherever, to give it a good wash, with the SoClean CPAP machine, all you have to do is place the mask, with headgear and all, into the unit and let it stay there for a predetermined amount of time (usually around 2 hours). All of this can be done in a matter of seconds as soon as you wake up, and what’s more, is there’s no need to chuck things apart and spend minutes washing the equipment leaving you with drier hands and a significant amount of your morning spent.

No Bacteria, No Molds, No Anything!


The main danger of keeping the CPAP equipment unwashed for more than a day is the buildup of dirt, sweat, and oils from using which can result in mold, bacteria, and viruses thriving in the humid environment around the tubing. With the use of activated oxygen (or ozone), CPAP cleaning machines destroy these organisms via oxidation in a snap. This technology is also used to clean hospitals, hotels, and even water purification systems to sanitize all equipment. Keep your CPAP machine spotless with SoClean.

Made for Everyone

SoClean is made for those who want to save time and in the long run, save money. Mornings will not involve washing equipment anymore and can be spent spending time with other people or with yourself. It also ensures the cleanliness and safety of your next use by utilizing activated oxygen.

This cleaning wonder comes in different types, including a travel-sized version for those who may not regularly spend their evening in one place. SoClean can be beneficial to anyone who wants to make sure their CPAP machine is in tip-top shape for years to come.

Daily cleaning won’t be much of a hassle anymore once the SoClean CPAP machine becomes a part of your routine. Now you can use that newfound time to introduce new things to your morning routine and start that day right.