Some of the Do’s- Don’ts with your daily Make-up

Daily makeup turns best when less is more. It means striking the right balance between putting together and experimenting. It is best to stick with makeup products that elevate and match your features naturally instead of altering the things.

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To assist with daily makeup, we shall take a look at some do’s and don’ts when doing makeup each day to get a glamorous natural look:

  • Wear concealer on under eye area without fail as it assists in covering dark/eye circles. For a face with a fresh look, mask this area as it brightens the area and is gentle enough to be applied to this sensitive area without causing any irritation.
  • Do not try to get a tone that is lighter when compared to your foundation. Contouring is popular and therefore, does not contrast colors of concealer and bronzer harshly. Do not select a snow-white color, if the skin has a tanned color as it can result in a scary look. Two shades light concealer color to your skin’s natural color is just right for you.
  • Avoid blush application of the cheek’s apple region. Though a blush is an essential item of your everyday makeup, it is best to pair it up with a moisturizer with SPF along with a touch of blush and a little mascara. This will give a glowing, healthy, and radiant look to your skin right away. Blush is not very complex when it comes to application. There is a gorgeous range of colors and comes in powder as well as cream form. Don’t over-apply bronzer as it disturbs your natural look.
  • Identify your taupe eye shadow in neutral/soft colors like subtle coral, taupe, or nude cream as it offers a natural look. These give your eye a shimmering finish.
  • Avoid full or dramatic Smokey-eye. Reserve black and silver shadows instead of daily make up.
  • Don a neutral or soft colored lipstick matching your daily wear. Lipstick puts your look mature and put together. Try lipsticks with nourishing elements like vitamin E.
  • Avoid lip lining using dark lip liners as it ages the region of your mouth making them appear smaller. Use a lip liner of the same shade of your lipstick or outline with the lip liner and then colorfully in between.
  • Stick to brown (dark preferably)/black mascara as the eyelashes appear elongated and provide the whole face a feminine look. Even if it is one last thing before departing the house, ensure it to be a mascara lining. It brightens, opens, and rejuvenates the eye region.
  • Avoid donning fake or heavy eyelashes as they appear overdramatic for most occasions. If it is for daily wear, then it is going overboard. Fake eyelashes harm the waterline and retard the growth of natural eyelashes. They make the eye look absurd. Try real and toned down eyelashes that are close to a natural look.

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