Start Running Towards Your Goals

To achieve your goals, ‘you have to start where you are and not where you think you should be’. And, to achieve your fitness goals, start running.

Running is one of the easiest forms of aerobic exercises that can significantly improve your physical and mental health. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety and reduces symptoms of depression.

Several studies have found that five to ten minutes of running every day can extend your life by several years.

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Running isn’t time or place-bound. All you need to start running is a pair of running shoes and a little motivation to make it every day.

Here are some benefits running can give you:

Helps in shaping up: Running helps you burn more calories than many other exercises. 

Those of you desperate to lose some weight may hit a gym, do strenuous exercises every day and lose a few pounds in three to six months. But, if you don’t continue doing those exercises, your body weight will return sooner than you may expect. 

Continuing a gym forever isn’t easy. Therefore, run to keep your body in shape. Thirty minutes of running every day will help you maintain that toned body for a longer time.

Helps strengthen your knees and back: Your sedentary lifestyle will eventually lock your joints and give you persistent knee and back pains. Running strengthens your muscles and give you and helps you in attaining a good posture.

Helps in sleeping better: A good night sleep plays a significant role in keeping you healthy and fit. Your body repairs all your cells then. Exercise, especially running during the day helps you sleep better at night. 

Good quality sleep also keeps you motivated and energized for the rest of the activities during the day. 

Improves Immunity: Moderate running improves your body’s immunity, reduces the risk of upper respiratory infections, influenza and improves antibody response. Running also helps in improving your heart rate and pushes oxygen-rich blood to your brain.

Improves mental health: You may think that running or any other exercise improves your physical health, but if you ask a runner, they would say, ‘running makes them feel better’. Running helps in elevating your mood and emotions, improves your energy and makes you a happier person.

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Builds Self Esteem: Your self-esteem automatically builds up when you have a healthy body and mind. You become more confident and presentable. 

There may not be a direct connection between running and your self-esteem as it considers many other factors. But, running contributes to a healthier lifestyle and self-image.

Now that you know these benefits of running, nothing should stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Start slow but remain consistent. Keep running for a healthy body and mind.