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Taking Care Of Your Teeth By Eating The Right Things

We all know that sugar is the main cause of dental decay and other dental problems but our fondness for sweets and fizzy drinks sometimes puts our oral health concerns on the backburner, at least for a while. Of course, if you do have a sweet tooth, nothing in the world is ever going to stop you having the occasional treat, but these must be taken in moderation. Instead of snacking on sugar laden foods and drinks, consider your teeth and try and change these dietary habits if they are regular.

Adopting healthier eating habits is not only good for your health in general but can also reduce your chances of having to visit the dentist for anything other than your usual dental checkups. If you cannot resist the odd sugary snack, make sure you clean your teeth immediately after and rinse with a good quality mouthwash.

Regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups with a highly experienced dentist in Sydney CBD are all essential weapons in your arsenal that you can use to fight dental problems but what you eat can also help massively. Please see below for a selection of food and drinks that can replace your sugary snacks and might even improve your overall level of oral health.

7 Foods You Can Snack On In Place Of Sugar Laden Goodies

  1. Fruit and Vegetables – Ok, nobody wants to chomp on cabbage for a snack but there are a whole host of fruit and vegetables that can actually beat the sugar cravings and may be of benefit to your dental wellbeing. These include but are not limited to: Carrots, apples, cucumber, celery. Keep fresh veg and fruit on hand to snack on, your teeth will thank you for it!
  2. Green and Black Tea – Green and black tea contain polyphenols which interact to suppress and kills the bacteria that attack teeth making these teas the ideal choice of beverage after a meal.
  3. Fish – Fish is perhaps one food stuff that you wouldn’t usually associate with good oral health, but you’d be surprised. Fatty fish such a salmon, contain huge amounts of Vitamin D which is known for keeping teeth and gums healthy. Whether you’d want (or could afford) to snack on salmon is a story for another blog.
  4. Water – Water is by far the healthiest, cleanest drink you can consume, and the fact is that most of us don’t drink anything like enough of it. With zero sugar and zero additives, water is one of the life’s biggest health givers and is great for rinsing the mouth after food or after tooth staining drinks such as coffee and red wine.
  5. Dark Chocolate Easily the most surprising addition to the list is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a compound call CBH, which is known to harden tooth enamel and prevent decay. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards though or you’ll undo the good work!

As long as you consume sugary snacks in moderation, regularly brush your teeth and visit the dentist twice a year, your teeth should stand the test of time but consider replacing some of your usual foods and drinks for the alternative listed above.