The 5th House of Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Fifth house counts among the eminent Houses in that it specifically rules over matters of pleasure. This means the joys of art, literature, philosophy, music, sports, friendships, and even sexual relationships, among so many others!

Of course, this House exists because pleasure will always remain an essential part of the human experience. In fact, this sort of perspective isn’t even limited to just Vedic astrology; even the utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham saw happiness as the desirable human outcome: “Create all the happiness you are able to create: remove all the misery you are able to remove.”

In other words, the Vedic tradition sees happiness and pleasure in all its many forms, be it profound or something as simple as laughing at a Robert Weide video on Youtube, as key components for living a fulfilling life. The next section will show you exactly how this works!

What is the Fifth House?

The Fifth House concerns itself with matters of creativity and pleasure. In fact, the relationship between the two is in no way accidental; think of the relationship between butterflies and flowers. Butterflies often seek nectar to keep themselves healthy, while flowers need butterflies to spread their pollen and propagate.

By the same example, creativity is the force that drives people to produce things and outcomes that would make them happy. I like art because it gives me pleasure looking at the profundities of human existence, so I make art to continue celebrating the unique experience of being a human being.

In this regard, Vedic astrology sees that happiness is something constantly desired by humanity, so much so that everything you make is an attempt at seeking pleasure! It is no coincidence, then, that children and especially your relationship with them are also governed and encouraged by this House.

But there’s more to it: aside from the superficial pleasures of daily life, you also tend to seek the deeper kinds of happiness. Perhaps you want the love of your life to see you for who you are and love you all the way. Perhaps you want to feel the serenity that comes with looking at a beautiful sunset. Or perhaps you’ve always felt a sadness in your life, and you want the comforting words of an honest friend.

All of this is because pleasure is not just a feeling, nor a mere object: it’s something that always lives inside of people like you and me. It exists almost like a driving force that seeks to connect you to your place in the universe, pushing you to seek pleasure as boundless and beautiful as the cosmos.

Why Does This Matter Personally?

To put it in very simple terms, the Fifth house astrology matters because of your matter. Vedic astrology knows that you have a primal desire to connect with something far deeper than yourselves, and this desire shows itself in so many subtle ways that sometimes you don’t even know it! 

You could, perhaps, be thinking about how to live a joyous life. Indeed, some of you may even push further and ask what it really means to just live. When you think about these tough questions, sometimes you get frustrated, and when you do, your body often tells you to do something. Hence, you get creative. You move, you do, and you become happy without realizing it.

Naturally, pleasure can’t be gained by just depending on your impulses. After all, what we’re truly aiming for is happiness that stays well and stable. To reach this level, the first thing you’ll want to do is pay attention to your astrological sign and how it relates to the Fifth House astrology .

A perfect example, in this case, would have to be Cancer. People of this sign are very perceptive and caring for their loved ones and the community. In fact, their greatest asset is their desire to just make everyone’s lives better.

But this doesn’t mean they don’t care for themselves too; Cancers are all too aware of what disunity and mistrust can do, and it’s often when they realize this that they begin to seek stability and constancy. As such, the family unit matters especially to them more than anything else.

Of course, this also means they might have a harder time dealing with criticism, considering their beliefs and sense of unity are important to them. From here, you can see exactly where work has to be done.

Sometimes, criticism is creativity. The fact is, while everyone shares the same desire for pleasure, the world isn’t perfect. Because of this, you need to keep your eyes open, as the things that seem negative at first could, in fact, end up strengthening your bonds with family, and of course, give you the greatest pleasure.

Is there anything more?

Oh, no doubt! Learning how your sign relates to this House is one thing, but you’ll need to learn about all of the other Houses to make sure that you’re able to live the best possible way. As a matter of fact, here’s a secret: plenty of articles are coming to make sure you get the best possible advice for dealing with each of the Houses.

That said, stay tuned and have fun scanning our blog while you wait!