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The Best Ways to Prepare for a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Let us be fairly honest- since 2020, it has been the most confusing and difficult academic year, and so not how most of us expected to be graduating. Isn’t it? One of the most memorable things to experience during high school is graduation. But under the current circumstances, it is probably going to be held virtually. But not getting dressed for it is one thing you surely regret, maybe not now but in the near future. 

Here are some ways you can prepare for a virtual graduation ceremony and extract all the memories that you can from them. This includes everything from how to remove hair, to planning fundraisers. 

  1. Dress to Impress

Virtually or not, this is the one day, you must dress up. You could be at home sitting in front of the laptop, but a nice dress and subtle make-up can help capture the best pictures and enable you to exude confidence. So, go all in and come out of your zombie state! Spend time for unwanted hair removal, get that perfect brow, choose a nice dress, and pair it with the perfect accessories. Encourage your friends to dress up too. 

  1. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Even though your graduation might be online, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fresh in the morning. Get proper rest at night. Complete all your tasks like using a body hair remover, showering, picking your outfits, and other tasks beforehand. If your hair sticks in place while you are asleep, you can also style them before you go to bed, so you would not need to style them in a rush in the morning. 

  1. Stay in the Moment

Speeches can be very long and tedious. But remember that they contain important life lessons. So remember to stay in the moment and absorb whatever you can. You never know what might inspire you for the next step in your life. 

  1. Host a Dinner Party- Virtually

Seeing these unprecedented times, probably calling people home for dinner might not be the safest bet. So, send zoom links to friends to celebrate with a catch-up dinner; in your own respective houses. It’s a perfect excuse to reminiscence on those funny and heartwarming school memories. This might not feel the same, but it is definitely worth a shot. Remember, that this is special. Who else do you think got a virtual graduation in your family before?

  1. Hold a Special Fund

Unless you want to sit and figure out more ways on how to remove hair, you can always choose a social cause and use it to your benefit. Set a foundation whose cause you support and set up a fundraiser. In case you want everyone to be more inclined towards a cause with you, you can always set up a special fund to help pay for college. 

Whatever you plan, remember to make it a special event. Enjoy it to the fullest, as these moments won’t come back your way in this lifetime.