The Use and Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

Platelet-rich protein therapy is gaining a lot of traction these days. Primarily due to the fact that many celebrities have also got themselves treated by PRP technique. It has proven as a relatively new and novel mode of treatment. The use of PRP is focused primarily on aesthetics and healing injuries. 

Before starting your practice in PRP treatment, it is important that garner sufficient knowledge in the field. One of the best ways of doing that is taking a professional course on Plasmolifting PRP therapy. Plasmolifting online courses academy offers a premium PRP course by Dr. Renat AkkhmerovBy undertaking their course, you will definitely gain practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Their course will prepare you for a variety of expected things like from taking samples to how to deal with undesirable outcomes. You also receive a certificate in completion of the course which will establish your credibility as a PRP practitioner. 

What Is Platelet-Rich Protein Therapy?

PRP is a way of treatment of injuries and improving the aesthetics wherein you are injected with high platelet injection on the area which needs to be cured. There is no need to worry because these platelets are sourced and centrifuged from your blood sample only, thus there are no risks of rejection or clotting. 

This technique is effective because the platelets are that element of our blood that helps in repairing injuries. By using Platelet-rich protein therapy, this process is boosted significantly. Besides that, Platelet-rich protein contains many bioactive proteins. Some of them are peptides and cytokines. These boost the healing tendency of the skin tissue. 

Evidence of Platelet Rich Protein Therapy 

Comprehensive reviews have been performed on the literature revolving around the benefits and use of PRP therapy in aesthetic and regenerative purposes. It has been shown that plasma-rich protein therapy is beneficial in curing erectile dysfunction, hair loss, rejuvenating facial skin, breast restoration, etc. 


Just like any other medical technique, plasma-rich protein technique too cannot recommend to anyone before a basic knowledge of the physiology of a person. People suffering from severe anaemia, cancer, or any other abnormality or deficiency of platelet should not undergo a platelet-rich protein treatment.

However, this does not mean that it is unsafe. It just means that several factors must be given due consideration before jumping on the treatment.  


Platelet-rich protein therapy is a safe and effective treatment for healing and other purposes. it is the future of modern science and medical practices. However, just like other fields in medicine, it also requires training, precision, and experience. It includes many complications which must be looked into and if avoided, may lead to undesirable outcomes. 

It is advisable that you get proper training by someone who gives training or coaching in plasma-rich protein therapy. Also, you must make sure that a certificate is being provided to you after the completion of the course, this will establish your credibility as a platelet-rich protein therapy practitioner.