Things to Enjoy with Berkey Filter

Every human being has the right to clean and safe water for drinking. Water treatment plants ensure that your water at home is clean, but is it really safe? Ensure the safety of your drinking water at home with Berkey Filter.  Visit USA Berkey Filters to learn more.

Why Do You Need Berkey Filter At Home

Although the water coming out of the treatment plant is clean, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s still clean when it gets to your home tap. You see, the pipeline network is old and made mostly of lead pipe. It is prone to corrosion and soon may be the cause of leaks.

Leaky pipes can bring health hazards to your family as it is where contaminants enter the pipeline network going to every home. These contaminants can cause various illnesses, and some can be deadly if not treated properly. This could easily be prevented using a water filtration system like the Berkey Filter.

Another problem with the water from treatment plants is the disinfecting chemicals used to kill viruses. The most common chemicals used by treatment plants are chlorine and fluoride. These are proven to cause various health problems with long term exposure.

Most water filters available in the market ineffectively remove viruses. They can filter out certain pathogens of bacteria, but not all. Fortunately, Berkey Filter systems remove 99.99% of all contaminants, including deadly viruses.

In fact, all Berkey Filter systems are not classified as filters but as a water purifier.

Other Benefits of Berkey Filter

The main benefit of having a Berkey Filter at home is to ensure that your family drinks safe and clean water at all times. But there’s a lot more you get with Berkey Filter.

Other benefits of Berkey Filter are:

Berkey Filter is Economical

Berkey Filter may not be the cheapest in the market when it comes to initial cost. But in the long run, all Berky Filter systems are proven to be the most economical.

The Black Berkey Filter is cleanable. Therefore, it can be reused 100 times. Just scrub it with a 3M Scotch-Brite, and it works like new again. Competitor filters need to be replaced within a few months.

A Berkey filter system can filter up to 6,000 gallons of water and would cost you about 2 cents per gallon. A household spends more than a thousand dollars on bottled water.

Imagine how much money you save in one year using the Berkey Filter.

Berkey Filter Provides Healthy Drinking Water

As mentioned earlier, Berkey Filter removes harmful disinfecting chemicals from treated water. You can instantly observe this once you tried drinking purified water from Berkey Filter. You will notice the sweet smell of water without the strong odor of chlorine and fluoride.

Berkey Filter gives you purified water free from harmful disinfecting chemicals. Your family can prevent developing diseases from long term exposure to water treatment chemicals.

Another benefit of Berkey Filter is it provides you with water that is free from any harmful heavy metals. These heavy metals are also proven to cause cancer and other deadly diseases.

Distilled bottled water is considered dead water, as there are no nutritional values and elements left after the process of purification. It means your body is not being nourished well by the water that you drink.

Drinking purified water helps your body to rehydrate properly. The Berkey filter retains the minerals essential for nourishing your body. This means that the water from the Berkey filter is living water.

Your Pets Get Healthy Drinking Water Too

Pets, like humans, need clean and safe water to maintain proper health. Keeping your pet dish clean and feeding them with fresh and clean water from Berkey Filter will improve your pets’ overall health.

Berkey Filter is Flexible

All Berkey Filter Systems are flexible. It means that parts and filters of Berkey Filter can be used interchangeably with other Berkey Filter Systems. This saves you money and the hassle of purchasing different filters for each Berkey Filter system you have.

Berkey Filter Systems are Portable

All Berkey Filter Systems are portable and can easily be disassembled. A carrying tote (sold separately) is also available for easy transport.

The portability feature is great during picnics or any type of gatherings. Families will no longer have to worry about having clean and safe drinking water on any occasion.

Berkey Filter Comes in Different Sizes

One advantage of Berkey is that it is offered in different sizes. Therefore, families of different sizes can choose from 1.5-gallon to 6-gallon sized filters. No matter how big or small your family is, Berkey Filter has the right size for you.