Things You Can Do When You are Feeling Anxious

Most people go through periods of anxiety and worry. While those periods are considered a normal human experience, others have extreme fears and anxieties that are often unfounded. For example, many people experience dental anxiety. This is especially true when they undergo a dental procedure they are not familiar with.

Case in point: while considered one of the best tooth replacement options nowadays, many people are still not familiar with tooth implant. It’s safe to assume many don’t have a clue if they are good candidates for the procedure or how much a tooth implant costs.

If you are anxious about getting a tooth implant or just anxious in general, below are some strategies you can look into to keep your anxiety in check:

Acknowledge your anxiety.

When you acknowledge your anxiety, you can take steps that can help ease the symptoms. You also need to accept that you cannot control everything. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) recommends that you put your feelings of anxiety and stress in perspective.

If you have an anxious thought that just won’t go away, ask yourself if it is really as bad as you think. Next, break down the thought before jumping into any worst-case scenarios. This exercise has been proven to help those people who are suffering from chronic anxiety and worry.

Schedule a worry break.

While this can be counterintuitive at first glance, giving yourself a short worry break each day will not only provide relief from anxiety, it can also help you free up your energy so you can focus on the task at hand. After listing down all the things that are causing you to worry and feel anxious, set aside time to go through your list.

Set a timer when you go over your worry list. Review the things you have written down and identify any thoughts that are still bothering you and causing you to feel anxious. Cross those others that don’t seem as important to you anymore and are no longer bothering you as much.

Interrupt your thoughts.

When excessive worries or negative thoughts dominate your mind, you can sometimes feel powerless against them. One strategy you can try to help manage these unwanted thoughts is to interrupt them by doing something else. Taking a break from the intrusive thoughts can surely help you as you go through your day.

Other techniques you can try to interrupt anxious thoughts include:

  • Moving your body
  • Taking a mindfulness break
  • Practicing deep breathing
  • Calling a friend or a loved one
  • Engaging in an activity that brings you happiness or joy
  • Getting outdoors and taking a walk
  • Keeping your hands busy by knitting, answering word puzzles, drawing, doodling, or building something

Practice mindfulness relaxation and meditation.

Relaxation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation have been known to help effectively calm your mind and body, helping you feel less worried and anxious. The great thing is meditation will only take a few minutes but the benefits it offers are enormous.

You can also use meditation time to be aware of what is going on in your mind and body. You can start with just five minutes of meditation each day and work your way to more minutes as you go along. When starting out, you can also listen to recorded breathing exercises or guided meditations.

Do one thing that brings you joy each day.

If you are feeling very anxious, one of the most effective ways you can take your mind off the stressor would be to do something you love and enjoy. It could be reading a book, painting, riding a bike, taking a stroll, or catching up with some friends.