Hair Loss

Three ways to repair damaged hair 

A good shampoo is the one that contains essential vitamins and proteins required for hair repair. It provides the necessary elements to your scalp so that the health of your hair gets restored. Delivering the right nutrition to your hair forms the basis of hair repair. Your goal should be replenishing the keratin, building block of hair, and oils that you lost due to pollution, dust, and various hair treatments.

Here are three ways to repair damaged hair:

  1. Use the right shampoo

There are two conditions a good shampoo must fulfill. First, it must contain essential oils, vitamins, and proteins like keratin. Secondly, it should be free from sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride. Any shampoo that meets these requirements can help regain good hair days.

  1. Deep conditioning is a key

Lack of moisture causes dryness, which further causes more damage to your hair. Thus, you should provide special treatment to your hair at least once in two weeks. The good news is, you can provide deep conditioning your hair at home using hair masks from Kerotin.

  1. Brush your hair

Brushing your hair has numerous benefits. It helps distribute the natural oil secreted by the root of your hair strands. This oil acts as a protective layer for your hair when exposed to outside pollution, dust, etc. So get yourself a suitable brush and do it twice a day.

If you are serious about your hair care, you can consider buying nourishing hair products from Kerotin. Products like Keratin renewal shampoo and conditioning hair mask have been specially designed to replenish your hair and restore its health.