Weight Loss

Top 10 tips for success after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgeries have become very popular in Maryland nowadays. The success rate for these surgeries is generally high and complications involved are also less. Follow the tips mentioned below for a higher rate of success after bariatric surgery, Maryland.

Top 10 tips for success after bariatric surgery, Maryland

  1. Meal Planning:

It is not necessary to plan every meal of the day but taking small steps like having protein bars can help a lot in keeping your weight on track

  1. Mindful Eating:

Make a halfway point during your meals to allow your mind to feel full, chew your food and focus on flavors and be aware of your fullness and hunger clues.

  1. Portion Control:

Measure the amount of food you are going to consume. keep track of carbohydrates and fat you are consuming. Consider food as only a source of nourishment to the body.

  1. Label reading:

It may sound silly but if you do not read the nutrition label you don’t know how much you are putting inside of anything you are eating. Read the ingredients and nutritional values of food items you consume.

  1. Keep your body hydrated:

Water hydration is very important for the body to function properly. Hydration helps organs to function properly, it also helps to keep blood pressure normal, maintain healthy skin and among the many others. An adult body needs at least 64 oz of water a day.

  1. Consume protein:

A person should consume a good amount of proteins because not only it will help you maintain muscle mass while losing weight but it will also make you feel fuller.

  1. Exercise:

It is very important to maintain an exercise schedule. A simple routine of walking can also promote weight loss and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working out will not only help lose weight but will also help to keep the body active.

  1. Nurture yourself:

Find ways to be kind to your body that doesn’t involve food. Food is highly emotional and it is common to turn to food for comfort but it will eventually increase your weight so it is better to not have a cookie every time you feel stressed or emotional.

  1. Maintaining personnel accountability:

Be able to recognize if you begin to slip in old eating behaviors. Own your behavior and decisions and make a plan to deal with it better the next time you notice your old habits creeping back.

  1. Vitamins and Supplements:

Take recommended vitamins and supplements because they are very important to maintain good health and will also help you lose weight faster.

Hope these tips would help patients undergoing weight loss surgery in Maryland.