(January 2020- USA).

EMF (radiation) protective phone cases are considered the solution for Mobile Phone health warnings resulting in a weaken immune system, brain tumors and other numerous concerns. But only a few phone cases actually provide adequate protection.  Two key factors for consideration are; the quality of the shielding material used. The second is how the shielding is constructed inside the case to block radiation out of the front of the phone case.

Those listed below show our most effective anti-radiation phone cases ranked in order of their ability to block cell phone radiation (EMF) absorbed by the body.

1. Cruz Cases A+ Reflectrixcore shielding material.  No radiation leaks. Effective 99% EMF blocking. Well-designed case.


2. Radiarmor Cases B+ rated shielding material. Limited radiation leaks around edges. Durable construction.


3. RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cases


B rated middle-class rated shielding material. Radiation leaks could be absorbed by extended use. Case construction good.


4. SYB (Shield Your Body)


B rated shield material. Radiation leaks could be aborded with average use.


5. Safesleeve


 C+ lower cost shielding material. Constructed good. Radiation leaks could be absorbed into the body with normal use.


Cruz cases ( topped our list of effective anti-radiation phone cases. EMF signal blocking attenuation was very impressive with no radiation leaks. Radiation metered consistently measured between 98.85% to 99.99% blocking. Cruz seems to focus on iPhones but offers a unique Universal case that fits most any mobile phones 5” tall or less.  Our only complaint is the product availability fluctuates with some models often out of stock.  We give Cruz a thumbs up for topping our Best Anti-radiation Mobile Phone Case List.

Notable mention is for our pick to buy shielded phone cases and products. It’s worth a visit to their website or call 888-537-7363 to inquire about EMF protective phone cases for your budget.

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