Understanding The Benefits Of Having A Hair Care Routine

We all know how important it is to treat our anatomical assets right, protect them, and pamper them from time to time, but how many of us go that extra mile actually to practice that? We tend to focus more towards the external representation of our personality, but little do we know that to shine bright externally, the spark has to ignite internally. We must follow a regime daily, weekly and monthly and take time to pause, unwind and contemplate to bring mindfulness into our lives. If we can do it right, then all the efforts to groom ourselves physically will pay off. Pampering our hair, getting our nails done, treating our skin with the right products, etc., form the entire self-care routine session.

One aspect of our physical attributes that bothers most of us, irrespective of age or gender, is our hair because it is the defining attribute of our identity. A slight change in hairstyle, a new haircut or any minor change that we implement in our hair becomes a game changer in the way we look, which may or may not work in our favor sometimes. The constant issue that most youth today is cribbing about is the increased symptoms of hair loss and reduced hair growth. If you are one of them and haven’t yet received any substantial remedy to boost your hair health, then it’s time to change something you are not doing right.

Let’s break down some facts regarding hair health and the measures to amp up your hair game: 


  1.  How you wash your hair plays a significant role in determining your scalp health. So, always avoid washing your hair in hot water because doing that will wash off all the natural moisture of the scalp, making your hair dry and frizzy.
  2.  Always ensure that the final rinse is of lukewarm or cold water because that is how the hair cuticle gets sealed and roots are strengthened. 
  3. The shampoo selected for hair washing should be devoid of harmful chemicals and parabens and cleanse the hair extensively.
  4.  Adding a few drops of natural oil to the conditioner can help your hair retain its natural shine and gloss.


  1.  Rubbing your hair vigorously after showering to dry it will end up in breakage and frizziness. Instead, wrapping up with a cotton towel for some time will help absorb moisture.
  2.  Remember to apply heat protectant on your tresses before blow drying them, and the final drying should be with cold air to seal the cuticles.
  3.  Winter requires extra precautions because your entire epidermis and scalp will lose moisture.

Brushing and styling:

  1. The types of combs for hair brushes you use can decide how your hair grows because brushing stimulates the hair follicles and distributes the natural fat on the scalp. So, it’s better to avoid using sharp teeth combs because they cut the ends.
  2. Applying oil a night before shampooing may sound old school, but it helps the hair retain its natural hydration to look healthy, soft and beautiful.

With the passage of time, stressful life schedules, eating disorders, etc., it is nearly impossible for our hair to remain unaffected, but before we make an appointment with a dermatologist. We can bring in a few changes in our daily lives, and dedicating some quality time to following a hair care regime can help us decrease the damage to some extent.