Weight Loss

Understanding weight loss surgery

Health is wealth.” is a very famous English proverb. It simply means out of all the greatest wealth one can achieve, health tops the list. But in today’s scenario, the major issue faced by people is weight or sometimes even obesity.

Bariatric surgery also is known as weight loss surgery is a solution that helps you lose weight. Today there are various hospitals and doctors that are available worldwide to help you like southernnevadabariatrics.com weight loss surgery Las Vegas, Parker Adventist Hospital USA, Medanta Multi Speciality Hospital India, and many more. But even if you wish to lose that excess weight you can’t go under surgery unless you fulfil one of the three below mentioned conditions:

     If your BMI is above 40

     If your BMI is above 35 but you have a history of obesity-related ailments like diabetes, hypertension, or other respiratory disease, heart problems, gastrointestinal issues, or osteoarthritis.

     In rare cases, if your BMI is 30-35 but still after persistent efforts unable to lose weight that could have life-threatening consequences.

BMI is body mass index which can be calculated as body mass which is weight in KG upon the squares of the height of an individual in meters.

Procedures in Bariatric Surgery

     In a gastric bypass, the procedure is basically to reduce the stomach by using surgical staples and bypass the rest of the stomach and directly connect it to the small intestine to reduce the food intake and nutrients absorption. The aim here is to alter the process of digestion.

     In gastric banding also called a lap band process, a band is placed around the stomach creating a pouch at the top. Doing so the need for food intake is reduced as one gets filled even with a small amount of food. The band is tightened after 5 to 6 weeks to get the ideal tightness.


Further, to this, weight loss surgery also helps to eliminate or cure diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart-related problems, and various other ailments as well. With a wide range of options, and as said by weight loss surgery in Las Vegas through consultation and guidance along the journey, doctors help to keep good and gain skills needed for keeping the weight low. Weight loss surgery not only helps one lose weight but also to gain confidence and positivity. So stay healthy and stay happy.