Urinary Incontinence: 5 Tips In Controlling Bladder During Pregnancy

The common signs of urinary incontinence among Singapore mums are sudden leaks, even with minimal movements. A pregnant mother may experience a problem with her pelvic muscles that sometimes cause divarication of recti and incontinence.

Other than that, you can also blame the changes in hormone levels that you can’t control. If you were concerned about leaks before you were pregnant, you’d likely continue to have them now. Here’s how you can handle them.

Do some Kegel exercises.

Aside from the benefits of diastasis recti exercises to strengthen your core, 8-10 sets of Kegel exercises can also help you. It can assist in better control of the bladder and prevent urinary incontinence among Singapore mums. It can also reduce other pregnancy-related pelvic floor problems.

Keep drinking water

Although water can affect urinary incontinence among Singapore mums, it’s still essential to dehydrate your body. You may also need to avoid drinking coffee and juices as they make keeping any leaks under control more challenging.

Maintain a healthy weight

It’s prevalent among mums to experience cravings that can affect weight gain. However, when you’re pregnant, your bladder is under a lot more strain. You may also consider applying a strict but healthy option to avoid postpartum belly.

Always bring extra pads.

You can use pads as a second line of defence in case of leakage. The only exception to this rule is the use of tampons. You can manage urinary incontinence in Singapore by having extra absorbing pads with you.

Consult your doctor

If your urinary incontinence worsens and seems out of control, you may choose to ask your doctor for management suggestions. You can also ask them about postnatal care in Singapore and what you need to prepare for better recovery.

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