Various ways how the credibility of Invisalign is being damaged by Instagram influencers.

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has gathered a lot of traction and success in the dental industry increasing the clientele base and offering dentist an opportunity to reach clients that would have otherwise snubbed the traditional marketing strategies. Considering at the moment people spend significant amounts of time online, endorsements from various Instagram influencers have played a role in the increased popularity and sales of Invisalign and other dental products. The more traditional suppliers of Invisalign, however, insist that dentist should take their time and vet these influencers because of the potential negative effects on their credibility through various ways which may include;

Misleading your target audience.

There have been complaints from various customers who felt misled by Instagram influencers who failed to disclose If their endorsement was as a result of a paid partnership with the business. This failure to be transparent has led to the questioning of the credibility of certain products which is bad for business and injures the trustworthiness and high regard which people hold for the venture.

Changes in the image of the influencers.

Over time people will start to associate your brand with the image of the influencer which you choose which may be bad for you when they make a mistake. For instance, Nike, Gillette and other organizations that were using Tiger Woods at the height of his golfing career made significant losses when his public image took a hit due to infidelity. The influencer’s mistakes damaged the credibility of the brand which they represent and similarly, Invisalign influencers can as well have the same effect on dental practices and it is thus advisable to thoroughly vet influencers before settling on a suitable one.

Endorsing multiple brands.

Even though Instagram influencers may have a significantly larger audience who may follow what they say, it may be very confusing if the same influencer is endorsing several brands within the same niche. People are likely to conclude that the celebrity works with any organization for money regardless of their performance track record and as a result affect the credibility of the organization doing more bad than good.

Influencer overshadowing of the brand.

Some influencers may be highly popular such that your target audience focuses on the celebrity as opposed to the brand. In such instances, various dentists have revealed that the influencer devalues the business making it loose credibility, sales and consequently revenue keeping the business from growing. The influencer furthermore may have little passion and knowledge of the business compared to other employees which may lead to loss of the intended message in translation negatively affecting the businesses’ credibility.


Just like other dental marketing strategies, Instagram influencers have various challenges and benefits that may affect the credibility of the brand if not carefully done. Most dental practitioners have used sports personalities, media personalities, etc. to endorse their Invisalign products however these individuals should be properly vetted and researched to ensure they are the right fit for your brand. More often than not, micro-influencers are more effective in actively engaging their audiences compared to those with larger followers who cannot engage them effectively. It is, therefore, necessary for you to always take your time and find the best influencer that works for your business if you have decided to use influencers as part of your digital marketing strategy.