Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak 

Many key industry players tightened their reins throughout the current coronavirus pandemic. And among the many industries that are greatly affected is tourism. New protocols such as fit to fly COVID tests and presentation of a fit to fly certificate are presented by travelers who plan to go to another country.

However, despite the already burdensome protocols and delayed or rescheduled flights, visa expirations and overstayers have become another concern of governments worldwide. The UK extended appropriate graces to the people, such as the lifting of penalties for overstaying and extension of visas for foreign nationals. 

Getting a Visa During COVID-19

The UK implemented a visa extension scheme for foreign nationals who happen to already be in the country for a month or two. These foreign nationals were allowed to apply for visa extension or add three more months of staying as long as they are eligible to do so.

For travelers who happen to be going home but are hindered by strict travel restrictions like PCR testsare required to do a record update at the Coronavirus Immigration Team to be permitted to stay in the UK.

Pro tip: When one is in doubt or feels sick, ask, “Where could fit to fly COVID test near me be?” to get tested and get results that can serve as evidence to the CIT.

Visa Overstay in the UK

In the case of overstayers, these people are redirected to check and follow the guidelines posted by GOV.UK. These overstayers are usually given a 30-day time frame from the time of visa expiration to leave the UK. But, should they fail to leave the country within the given time frame, evidence or proof for failure to leave needs to be presented and should be valid reasons connected to the coronavirus pandemic.

Know more about visa extension in the UK by checking out this Harley Medic International infographic.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic