Want to Quit Smoking Cigarettes? Then, Here’s How to do it Safely

Hardcore smokers will know what level of will power it requires to quit smoking cigarettes. And the reason that makes quitting cigarettes so so tough is the presence of nicotine – a highly addictive psychoactive drug. What might have started as an innocent one time thing takes no time in turning into a dangerous habit because of the presence of “this” nicotine. And if you’ve been trying to quit without much luck, then you should try a couple of organic herbal smoking blends by Meo Marley’s that we have listed below.

  1. PotPourri Herbal Smoking Blend

This is a highly satisfying herbal smoking blend that leaves you satiated with its mild sweet sour taste that lingers for long and uplifts the mood instantaneously. The different herbs used to make this blend so effective are as follows.

  • Skullcap – This is one of the rare anti-anxiety herbs that eases nervous tension and frequent bouts of cramps and headaches.
  • Mugwort – This is a power herb that deals with almost all nicotine withdrawal symptoms like constipation, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, depression, and cramps.
  • Real extracts of rose petals – They add a hint of aromatic rejuvenation to relax the mind and uplift the mood.
  • Mullein – If there’s any herb that can soothe cigarette inflamed lungs and gut lining, then that’s Mullein.
  1. Zen Herbal Smoking Blend

If you’re looking for something that’s soothing but doesn’t have an overwhelming flavour, then it is this smoking blend that you must try once. It contains the following rare herbs – alongside mullein that has already been explained above – that have stunning qualities to deal with different withdrawal symptoms. Have a look!

  • Passion flower – It helps you sleep better. In other words, it deals with insomnia that’s one of the serious nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Butterfly Peas – It’s a potent stress reliever herb that helps in relieving the bouts of anxiety due to sudden cravings for nicotine.
  • Damiana – It’s one of the lesser known, but highly effective, herbs that can deal with collective withdrawal symptoms like constipation, headache, depression, nervous anxiety, and breathlessness.
  • Blueberry leaves – They reduce and reverse oxidative damage that is one of the leading reasons behind dementia in smokers. It also improves focus and concentration and makes you feel more energetic.

All in all, organic smoking herbs by Meo Marley’s can help you in quitting cigarettes in a safe way since they are all free of nicotine and THC. Also, they contain no artificial flavour.