What Are The Most Popular Facial Procedures?

Modern Medicine has definitely brought us quite a lot of cosmetic procedures. Some of them happen to be very specific, and their results are not really going to have a big impact on someone’s looks without doing a few of them at once. Here, we are going to feature some of the most popular and impactful surgical procedures that will make you look divine.


When it comes to facial procedures, it is quite hard to not talk about facelifts. This procedure has been around for quite a long time, and it is definitely one of the most popular surgical procedures out there, because it happens to have the most impactful results from all of them.

That is probably because this is also the biggest scale surgical procedure when it comes to facial surgeries, and that is because it revolves around the whole face. During the procedure, someone like the famous facial surgeon Dr Hodgkinson for example, is going to “lift” your face by stretching the skin and removing the excess sagged skin that has stacked up in various areas.

Lip Fillers

Another very popular procedure these days, mostly among women, are lip fillers. This procedure can help you achieve that luscious look that you might be looking for, by enhancing the volume of your lips. This procedure involves injecting foreign materials into the skin, and there are usually options that the surgeon is going to suggest, depending on your need.

It is often suggested to go with the fillers that will vanish after a couple of weeks or months if you haven’t undergone lip fillers before, just to see if you will like your new look, and if it will bring you positive interactions for the time they are visible.

Fantastic new look with simple fillers

Nose Reshaping

Another very common facial procedure, that might sound like a very minor one but it happens to have a very big impact on someone’s looks, is rhinoplasty. This is the procedure that reshapes the patients nose, and with today’s technology, pretty much anything is possible, including the full removal of the nose.

Today, you can see how a new nose would look on your face in real time thanks to some other technologies, which is fantastic, because you definitely don’t want to wonder if your new nose will look good or bad after the surgery is done.

Chin Implants

It is very common for people to get chin implants these days, especially those who happened to have been smokers at some point in their life, because their cheeks just happen to look thinner and more suctioned inwards. You can find a lot of information about this procedure at, or you can consult with your surgeon.

Chin implants make you look better

Final Word

Undergoing a popular surgical procedure these days is actually quite economically friendly, as surgical practice, at least for cosmetic purposes tends to be much cheaper than it was a couple of years ago due to great advances in technology.