What Are The Top 10 Online Therapy Sites For Emotional Issues?

If you are looking for a way to get therapy in your own time and space, online treatment is best suited for you. Irrespective of if you are new to online therapy, or are just curious about how it works, here are the top 10 online therapy sites you should check:

  1. Talkspace: With over 3000 licensed therapists and subscription plans that suit every user, Talkspace is undoubtedly the best online therapy website. Once signed up, you have to go through an assessment to pinpoint your issues.
  2. BetterHelp: With the largest network of over 12,000 accredited, licensed, and experienced counselors, you are sure to get the best service on a website.
  3. Online-therapy: This app has an operation that is entirely based on CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. As a patient, it helps you identify challenges and overcome the negative thoughts while also developing modifications that help you think more positively.
  4. Amwell: if you are looking for a telemedicine platform, this is the best one out there. It helps you with 24/7 psychological and physical healthcare.
  5. MDLive: This Company has gained immense popularity for effectively matching therapists to your individual preferences and needs at reasonable costs.
  6. 7cups: Known for providing chatrooms, affordable online therapy, and 24/7 emotional support; it can really help with depression, addiction, and anxiety.
  7. ReGain: Regain is considered to be one of the top picks for couple’s therapy. After a questionnaire, the website automatically matches you with many therapists, out of which you have the liberty to choose the one you like the best.
  8. Teen counseling: As the name suggests, this platform is mainly for teens. It offers live chats, video conferencing, and private counseling rooms with licensed therapists.
  9. Pride counseling: The LGBTQ community deals with a lot of daily stressors at a disproportionately higher rate. This website looks forward to catering to exclusively those problems.
  10. Doctor on demand: Even if you do not want to commit to a subscription plan, with this website, you can opt for one-time chats with licensed therapists.

These websites are rapidly gaining popularity as a way to seek mental health services. You should definitely check them out.