What Is Causing My Lower Back Pain?

Do you know that lower back pain is one of the leading diseases that people have to see a doctor every year? Four out of five adults have to deal with lower back at some point of their lives. And, most of the time, they don;t know the reason behind their back pain. 

Lower back pain can be very disgusting at times. There are a lot of injuries and conditions that can cause pain in your back. Such conditions may include: 

  • When your muscles get strained. 
  • When the discs between the vertebrae are injured.
  • When the joints, ligaments, or even bones are injured. 
  • When the nerve roots of arms and legs are irritated, etc. 

It is better to see your physician if you have back pain along with other symptoms such as fever and chills. You should visit the Halo link for info about this.

Categories of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may be categorized into three sections. Your doctor will diagnose the pain category and start his treatment as per the pain type. 

  1. Axial Lower Back Pain

Axial lower back pain is the most common type of pain that people come across. When you have this pain, you are not likely to have pain in any other part of your body. So,e activities may make the pain even worse, such as playing tennis, sitting at a desk, etc. For this type of pain, you may want to rest for at least 2 days. Engaging with stretching exercises will reduce this pain very effectively.

  1. Radicular Lower Back Pain

Radicular Lower Back Pain aka Sciatica, is a pain that takes place in the lower back area, legs, and thighs. It generally starts with the lower back area then follows through the legs and thighs. It’s a steady pain that takes time to go away. When you have compression of the lower spinal nerve, you have this type of pain. Herniated disc with compression is the leading cause, however, this pain may also occur due to diabetes or injury to the nerve root. 

  1. Lower Back Pain with Referred Pain

This is a very uncommon pain. There are some conditions that may make you fall victim to such pain. It takes place in the low back area, follows through the buttocks, groin, and upper thigh. The characteristic of this pain is achy, and dull. However, the causes and treatment for this pain is the same as axial lower back pain. Once you make sure that it’s referred to pain, you can then follow the treatment. 

Visiting a physician is important because without determining which pain you have, you are not likely to reduce it. Nobody knows better than a doctor regarding the pain that you are dealing with. A false treatment can make the situation even worse. Sometimes the pain may even wake you up at night while you are sleeping. If this happens to you, you have to be sure that it’s a serious problem. In such a situation, there is no other way other than seeing a doctor immediately.