What Should I Know Before Going For Breast Reduction?

A woman with abnormally large breasts knows that they are a monkey on her back. They can bring about nagging back, neck and shoulder pain, make exercising difficult, and cause rashes on the chest. Other disadvantages are reduced clothing options and permanent groves on the shoulder. The good news is that breast reduction surgery can take the monkey off their backs. But like every other surgery, breast reduction comes with a few risks. The pros and cons of breast reduction surgery are mentioned below.

Pros – It will uplift your spirits

Studies have revealed the uplifting effect that breast reduction has on the self-esteem, physical health and body image of most women. A certain study found 95% of women very pleased with the results.

Cons – However, you have to stay put for a few weeks

The surgery does not require an overnight stay at the hospital and takes around three hours, which means that you can go home the same day or the day after. But soreness and tiredness are possible, so you should plan a few days of leave from your work. Your breast reduction Antalya surgeon will advise you to be somewhat active but will discourage any rigorous physical activity for about a month.

Pros – It will give a lift to your breasts as well

A breast lift procedure has two aspects. Your surgeon first gets rid of excess skin and tissue to reduce the size of your breasts. The professional then moves the nipples upwards to give your breasts a lift.

Cons – Scars are unavoidable

Since the procedure requires an incision, scars circling the nipples and extending to the base of your breasts are unavoidable. These scars, though they appear swollen for a while, improve within a year but never go away.

Cons – Chance of decreased nipple sensation

Your nipples may feel numb right after surgery, though some techniques keep nipple sensation unchanged. Your surgeon will give you proper advice in this regard.

Pros – Covered by insurance

Your insurance company can cover the expenses of your surgery partly or fully if you undergo it for getting rid of physical problems such as back pain.