Good day everyone, today I’ll be talking about the best ways of storing water in a water storage tank and other methods. Let me talk a little bit about why we need to store water.

What’s the importance of storing water?

Storing water is extremely important. There are times where rains wouldn’t be falling, and you’ll notice you can’t get any good quality water anywhere. The best thing to do is to settle down and store water when it becomes available. Now let me explain the best ways you can store water.

Best ways to store water

  1. You can store water using a bottle.

Getting bottled water that is sold commercially is one of the safest and reliable water sources, especially in emergencies. If you do not have bottled water, you could make yours using the following process.

How to make Bottle Water at Home

First, you need to get clean water, a bottle, a pot, and some heat form.

Boil your water, and then let it cool. Turn it into your bottle and cap the bottle. Then store your water inside the fridge. That’s it.

  1.  You could store your water in a gallon

Do you know that a person needs at least a gallon of water daily? You could purchase gallons of water and then make use of them for sanitation and drinking.

You could store two-week supplies if possible using your gallons. The most important thing is that you have the necessary amount of space to carry and handle these gallons.

  1. You could make use of a tank

If you are living with sick people, pregnant women, or you’re in a scorching place, you could make use of a tank.

A tank would help you properly observe the expiration dates for water that’s purchased from stores.

You can easily replace water that you did not buy after six months.

  1. You could store water using bleach.

Bleach works very well against algae and bacteria that grow in tanks. It would help if you used bleach to keep the water in your tank clean and fresh.

  1. Select a great container

Containers are also used to store safe, clean freshwater. You should make use of water containers for storing food-graded items. You can get food-grade storage containers at camping or surplus supply stores. You should contact the manufacturer if you are not sure of the container. All details of these manufacturers are available available.

You need to be sure of the type of tank, container, bleach, gallon you’re making use of to store water. Before you store water, you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions. The questions include the following;

What do I want to do with the water I’m saving?

Would I need different best ways to store these types of water?

How do I disinfect these containers as I use them to store water?

Let me help you with some of these answers as you brainstorm on the others.

What do I want to do with the water I’m saving?

People save water for several different reasons. The water you’re saving, do you want to use for cooking? Do you want to use it for drinking? Do you want to use it to do laundry? Do you want to use it to take your bath?. Knowing what you want to use it for would help you know how well you should store it. The way you should store water that you want to use to do laundry or to clean your apartment is completely different from the water you want to use to drink and cook.

Would I need different best ways to store these types of water?

You would need different great ways to store water if you’re using them for different things. If you want to store water for laundry, you can keep them in any container. If you want to use water for cooking, you need to make use of food-based containers. This is quite essential for your hygiene and your health.

How do I disinfect these containers as I use them to store water?

You can disinfect these containers, gallons, and tanks by using beaches, as I mentioned before. You could use either bleach or chlorine. Make sure you don’t use both bleach and chlorine cause that’s dangerous and not safe in any way.

Now you have all ideas on the best ways you can store water. Here’s to making the right choice. Cheers.