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When Do You Need To Replace Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns burlington vt are used by dentists Lansdowne for different reasons — to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth, to hold a bridge in place, or to strengthen teeth that have been damaged by decay.

Before you get your ceramic crowns pittsburgh pa, you are required first to wear temporary ones. During this phase, you must carefully avoid eating sticky, chewy and hard foods. You must also minimize your use of the side of your mouth with temporary crowns.

Once you get your permanent ones — which are typically made of metal, ceramic, or porcelain — you must also be rigorous when it comes to observing proper dental hygiene. Because while they can last for at least a decade, there are instances when even permanent dental crowns should be replaced. Here are seven of them.

Your crowns get damaged. Dental crowns do some really tough jobs for your teeth. And with that, it’s highly likely that they can get damaged or chipped over time. This case is especially true if you’re someone who constantly grinds your teeth. In this case, dental experts recommend having your crowns replaced to ensure they’d function at their maximum capacity.

You feel pain around your teeth. It’s expected that you’ll feel a certain level of sensitivity once you have dental crowns. But as what dentists Lansdowne know, too much of this pain and sensitivity is a strong signal that there’s something wrong with your crowns. They might need to be adjusted, repaired, or completely replaced.

You have loose crowns. There are cases when crowns become loose and eventually fall off. It may be caused by tooth decay or the loosening of the material used to place the crown on your tooth. When this happens, set an appointment with your dentist immediately. Loose crowns can allow bacteria to get into your teeth and further cause decay.

Your gum line is receding. If you have dental crowns and you notice that you have receding gums, it could be either because of these reasons: Your crowns are improperly placed, or you have poor oral hygiene. Seek professional help to properly diagnose your situation and get the appropriate treatment for it.

Your gum tissue has become infected. Due to poor oral hygiene, your gum tissue — just like your teeth — can become infected. This will leave a negative impact on the performance of your dental crowns and can bring pain and sensitivity to the affected area.

Your crowns are too old. As mentioned, dental crowns can last for at least 10 years. Some even last until four decades. In between this range, patients can encounter problems with their crowns mainly because of old age. If your crowns are older than a decade, it’s better to have them examined to determine whether they’re still effective of they’re a candidate for replacement.

You develop an allergic reaction. Though this is a rare case, dentists Lansdowne still encounter patients developing an allergic reaction to their dental crowns, as these crowns are made up of a mixture of metals. What dental experts do in this case is to replace the crowns with new ones that are made from other materials like ceramic.

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