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When You Might Be Needing a Drug Rehab Program?

According to stats, at least 21 million Americans struggle with drug addiction. Everyone who’s an addict must ask for help at some point in life if they don’t want their future ruined. It’s not easy getting rid of an addiction, but it’s a must.

There are lots of ways to handle addiction. There are rehab centers, personal detox sessions, or as this article from Natural Health suggests an IOP program. All of them might be beneficial. Which one to choose depends only on the personal preference of the person coping with the problem.

The true problem is how to convince a drug addict that it’s time for rehab. Most of them won’t even admit they have a problem and will claim that they can stop at any time. If you or someone you love is struggling with it right now, show them this list of things that prove you need a drug rehab program.

1. Had an overdose

Having an overdose and surviving is a miracle. Most overdoses, especially those from heavy substances end fatally. If the addict had one, it means that it’s about time to do something. The next one, which will surely happen shortly might not be survived.

Overdosing is probably the most serious problem with heavy drugs. Every consumer needs to be aware of the amount they are taking, but this becomes really hard after some time. The mind and the body constantly ask for more, so addicts feel real pain if they don’t provide the needed amount.

2. Consume some drug daily

It doesn’t matter what kind of drug we’re talking about, if they consume it daily, it means they are addicted. This will only lead to additional problems as time passes and it’s best if they quit right now. Don’t wait for something bad to happen like in the previous point.

Those people who consume every day are not able to cut their use. They made this part of their lives and constant consumption is affecting their entire body and mind. Some drugs are more dangerous than others, but there’s no harmless one. See what addiction means here.

3. Feeling depressed and anxious without drugs

The feeling of depression and anxiety when you didn’t get a fix is a sure sign that you or someone you love and is an addict needs help. All drugs affect the brain and create a virtual reality most of the time. People are not capable of thinking straight.

Because of this fact, they start feeling depressed when they have no drugs. The mind is used to the sensation and without something to stimulate it, there’s no reason for living. Before the loop becomes too big to be altered, it’s best to start a detox program right away.

4. Can’t focus on work and tasks

Not being able to focus on work is a clear sign that there’s a problem behind it. Drugs affect the brain, as we just said, and that means that focusing, concentration, and ability to do the job will be put on hold while being high.

A couple of times when mistakes were made at work might be tolerated by the bosses, but constant behavior like this will mean getting fired. Without a regular income, no one can afford to buy drugs in the first place, so the entire life falls apart.

5. Have no other interest in life than drugs

The worst thing that some drugs do is to create a virtual world in which nothing else matters other than getting high. Some of these illicit substances can make you feel completely lost when you’re not under influence and make everything seems dull.

If this feeling is normal, then it’s clearly time to start a rehab program before it’s too late. Our minds are amazing organs and they can make or break a person. See how drugs affect us on this link:


These five points are a clear sign that you or someone you love need a rehab program. Think about how severe the issue is and decide what’s best for the addict. There are more options and it’s best to be chosen the one that will be the best fit for this person.