Why Micro-needling is a Great Solution for Typical Skin Problems


If you’re reading this, then you are probably struggling with some typical skin problems such as stretch marks, wrinkles and acne scars and wondering if micro-needling (skin needling) might be a solution. Perhaps you feel like you’ve exhausted most of your options out there and is yet to find good results? If so, then skin needling may be the answer that you have been searching for all this time. How is this so?

Now you might be skeptical that micro-needling works and that it would be of any help at all with any skin problem you might be having. Perhaps you have only heard of the treatment just recently and how it can assist revitalise your skin. In any case, you would want to learn as much as you can about the procedure. Only then can you identify if it is worth your money and time.

Micro-needling — What Is it about?

As radical as it may sound, the practice of micro-needling has been around for quite some time.The treatment revolves around carefully piercing the top layer of the skin to promote collagen production without extreme bleeding or injury.

A typical treatment consists of more than a hundred microneedles– each roughly 1 mm in length. You can get various sized needles depending on your skin texture or the result that you wish to achieve. For example, if you want to eliminate acne scars, then you might require a somewhat longer needle, one that is just long enough to pierce the scar tissue without causing severe injuries.

How is any of these supposed to help with your skin problem?

To get rid of flaws such as scars and stretch marks, you require to do away with the upper layer of the skin (skin). This is precisely what the best micro-needling pens on the market can help you accomplish.

To get new and younger-looking skin, you have to be rid of the old one, and that’s precisely what micro-needling enables you to do. Old dead skin cells drop off and are changed by brand-new skin cells. Nevertheless, if you have scars, wrinkles or stretch marks, then this location makes it more difficult to renew. Undergoing skin needling a few times each year will enable you to restore your skin to its’ youthful and vibrant appearance.

Perhaps the best thing about skin needling is that even with a single treatment, the effect of collagen induction lingers on for up to a year. Hence, you only need to get the treatment once to get its’ restorative effect started, which will benefit your skin health over the long term. There is more to the process than merely puncturing the skin. What this starts is a procedure where more collagen is produced (collagen induction).
Of course, it is not to say that you have to wait that long to get the results that you want. Many people who buy Dermapen 4 to treat scarred or wrinkled skin can speed up the process with new skin resurfacing treatments like Dermabrasion. Even without additional procedures, most patients are pleased with the results immediately following the initial treatment.