Why Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers Must be Installed in Homes

The fight against COVID-19 has been ongoing for months. Although businesses are reopening, a lot of people still have some reservations in terms of moving around, which is a good thing. People must continue to exercise caution when it comes to their health and hygiene, especially if you go out.

As with the outside world, it is important to keep our homes safe. This can be done by keeping hand sanitizers within reach. Every home occupant must wash their hands whenever they come home. However, it can get tedious to go to the sink and wash the hands with soap and water all the time. To ensure family members don’t avoid hand sanitation, homes must have touchless sanitizer dispensers in their entrances. Here’s why these dispensers are a safe option for homes:

Avoid Cross-Contamination

When using a sanitizer in a bottle, you must hold the bottle with your dirty hands. And even if you use a pump bottle for your sanitizer, you need to manually dispense the sanitizer in your hands. In this case, the pump is a common point of contact, causing the spread of the deadly virus. But, this is not a problem with a touchless sanitizer dispenser. The equipment dispenses sanitizers without the need for human contact. 

Dispense the Right Amount of Sanitizer

Pumps and bottles can dispense too much or too little sanitizers. As they are pressed manually, the amount dispensed depends on the amount of pressure being put on the bottle or pump. But, an automatic, touchless sanitizer dispenser is programmed to dispense the right amount of sanitizer that can effectively kill germs and sanitize both hands. 

Offer Sufficient Storage

Often, sanitizer bottles and pumps have less capacity. They need to be refilled after a few days, creating a lot of hassles. But, sanitizer dispensers can have a storage capacity of up to 5 liters, reducing the number of refills necessary.

Ensure Cost-Effectiveness

Because of the pandemic, people have to spend money on their family’s safety and sanitization. Touchless sanitizer dispensers are available in different price ranges, depending on the features you desire. In general, these dispensers are affordable for either general public or home use. They do not cause a mess and are more hygienic than traditional sanitizer bottles and pumps. Also, they have a sturdy and durable construction. While the initial investment may be bigger than purchasing a sanitizer bottle, the return on investment makes them worth the purchase. Contact ÖVO Labs today.