Why You May Need A Sex Therapist

Many adults desire to have a happy and fulfilling sex life. Sex is an important part of many relationships as it creates intimacy between the couple and can lead to a stronger bond in the relationship. However, many people struggle with a variety of sex and intimacy issues that may hinder their sex life. If this is your situation, read on to learn why you may need a sex therapist and how this type of professional can help you.

A sex therapist is a trained professional who is an expert in dealing with sexual issues. This person may be a trained counselor or psychologist who has chosen to specialize in the field of sex therapy. This means that they have undertaken additional training in such subjects as human sexuality and sexual disorders.

Sexual dysfunction can have a variety of causes. Sometimes it is due to physical reasons such as a medical condition that makes sexual performance difficult. Any medical conditions or disease should be fully investigated and treated by a medical doctor; however, people may still struggle with emotional issues even while receiving appropriate medical treatment. This is where a sex therapist can be helpful.

Many people who suffer from medical conditions that can inhibit their sexual performance may often experience feelings of guilt and shame which can affect their relationship. When this happens seeing a sexual therapist can help you to talk about these negative feelings and to overcome any shame and guilt that is impacting your intimacy with your partner.

Another reason why you may want to see a sex therapist is if you have a history of sexual abuse. Many people have become the victims of child sexual abuse or molestation. Sometimes this is never talked about or dealt with in the person’s youth and if they do not receive counselling as a child this can carry over into adulthood. This may lead to emotional problems or intimacy issues that make it difficult for a person to enjoy or engage in sex.

A sex therapist can work with child abuse victims to encourage them and help them move beyond their painful past. Through regular sessions, the therapist will show you how to avoid the cycle of self-blame and shame that prevents them from having a normal sex life. In some cases these sessions will be held with the individual alone, but in some cases the therapist may recommend that the victim and their partner attend sessions together so that both parties can understand the issues and talk about their feelings.

If you and your partner would like to see a sex therapist – such as this sex therapist in Philadelphia, start by doing a bit of online research to see what therapists are available in your area. Find out as much as you can about them, such as where they studied and trained, and ensure that they are fully licensed. You can also ask your family doctor to recommend or refer you to a sex therapist if they are treating you for other health problems.