Why You Need Bowen Therapy For TMJ Disorder

Are you experiencing headaches, pain in your jaw and ear, or a clicking sound while you chew? Is it getting hard for you to point out what is happening to you? With the spastic pain in your bones and teeth, you prefer not to engage in talks. Don’t worry; you’re covered. Here’s a simple explanation of what is ailing you.

The pain and headaches in your jaw originate from a disorder in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The temporomandibular joint is the part where the skull joins bones of the jaw. Essentially, TMJ is the mandible or the lower jaw, cheekbone with the associated tendons and muscles, and the temporal bone. Disorders of the TMJ result in temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD).

Luckily, TMJ disorder treatments can be very effective. You can get checked, diagnosed, and get treated.

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

While the symptoms are pain-related in the tendons, teeth, bones, muscles, mouth, jaw area, or the neck and shoulders, the impact might be substantial. You might experience tinnitus which is ear ringing or dizziness due to the connection of bones and muscles to the sinus and facial areas.

The pain felt from TMJ disorder originates from the misalignment of teeth fitting in the mouth. You might end up losing your teeth or cracking when not treated. With the correct treatment, you’re likely to spend less and avoid future disorders.

Other symptoms of TMJ disorder include;

  • Muscle stiffness around the jaw.
  • Soreness of the temple part of the head
  • The abrupt mislaid reaction of teeth and jaw
  • Regular pop sound in ears
  • Facial puffiness
  • Chewing difficulties

To ease the pain, you might use ice packs or get regular pain killers, which might not be the best solution. Undergoing complete treatment limits the chance of a recurrence and side effects caused by some pain drugs.

Bowen Therapy

TMJ disorder is painful. Well, it’s possible Bowen therapy can assist you. Bowen therapy was identified in 1950 by Tom Bowen. Bowen therapy helped many patients with different disorders related to stress and anxiety. Do you know TMJ disorder is also caused by stress, grinding of teeth, and injury of the jaw, arthritis, or whiplash?

So, Bowen therapy is a simple method that aims at precise body parts. Repair, reset, and create a balance of the intended body parts; Bowen’s therapy involves fingers and thumb rolling. Unlike other treatments, Bowen therapy deals with the patient as a whole and not the condition only. Bowen therapists are familiar with the right movements for different areas of the body.

Bowen therapy works on the idea of the body’s quick response to stimuli. When in danger, we quickly run to safety or respond accordingly. With Bowen therapy, the therapist finds the best body movement to prompt the body’s defense system to work effectively. You’ll have your body reset and working its way to recovery. Have you been recently diagnosed with TMJ disorder? Book Bowen therapy now for quick recovery.