Why Your Toddler Should Join A Childcare Sports Program  

It’s well known that sport has many benefits for kids, and not all of it is physical. It helps create healthy habits and has mental benefits that last long into adulthood. Young children should engage in some kind of vigorous activity for at least one hour a day, and while some of that will occur naturally, it’s important to remember that the more physical activity kids get, the better. 

So when it comes to choosing a childcare centre, you want one that has a well developed sports program. Imagine you’ve decided that your new family needs more space and you move to Viewbank. It’s a good neighbourhood, there are parks nearby and you’ve got a large backyard for the kids to play a game of soccer and run around. However you should also ensure that when it comes time to choose a childcare centre, you pick one like Viewbank Preschool that can support you with a good sports program. Here’s why.

Childcare with a balanced, well considered sports program is a great idea. The most obvious benefit is the physical stimulation your child will get while playing outside and having fun. It helps increase cardiovascular fitness, improves bone health, helps maintain ideal body weight and reduces health risks from obesity. Burning excess energy leads to improved sleep which is vital for both physical and mental health. Sport also stimulates motor skills that leads to better coordination and balance.

Those are some of the physical benefits, but there are also the life skills that sport teaches. Participating in sports programs often means your child becomes part of a team. They’ll learn new skills such as sharing, cooperating and resilience when things don’t go their way. It will teach them how to build relationships, set goals and, on a bad day, understand how a loss is as important as a win. 

A sports program helps children learn important values that they might not learn elsewhere, or at least, not learn as well. These are values like respect, discipline and patience as they negotiate with other players and also with themselves. It helps build self confidence as they overcome obstacles, see off challenges and tick off goals. It also helps improve communication skills as they learn to relate with teachers, team members and other players. 

And participating in any sports program means your child is not engaged with their phone, tablet, computer or TV. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce screen time (at least for a while).

Finally, kids who are part of a sports program are, generally speaking, happier kids. Exercise releases endorphins which improve our mood, reduces stress, lowers anxiety and depression and helps us sleep better. Sports activities make for more positive, more relaxed, healthy and happier kids. 

Sport – whether that’s cycling or soccer or even trampolining – is one of the fundamental building blocks of your child’s future. When you’re looking for a childcare centre, ask them about their sports program and how they help your child find their happiness.