3 Must-Have Scents for Women

Perfume is one of the most underrated accessories a woman can wear, yet it can have the ability to completely transform her outfit. Scents and perfumes are often sprayed on pulse points and add another dimension to your persona. It is common for women to choose perfumes that suit their personalities or complement them in a way. Sometimes, the way to go is to find a perfume that unlocks a memory or feels like an extension of your persona.

The Engage perfume range consists of some of the best perfumes for women that are made from the most popular scent families. All Engage perfumes are made from the choicest of ingredients and latest technology. Engage scents to take into consideration the different kinds of scent families and make the best possible combinations to deliver gorgeous scents at every note.

Before we jump into what three perfumes are the best, you need to know some more about scent families. As the name suggests, scent families are a group of similar scents. There are different scent families used for women perfumes and different scent families used for male perfumes.

Women’s scents will mostly feature floral notes and are often sweet-smelling. Many are paired with refreshing notes too. The main scent families of women’s perfumes are floral, fruity, fresh, chypre and oriental! Floral scents are scents that come from flowers like roses, jasmine, lilies etc. Fruity scents are derived from fruits like apples, pears, and other sweet fruits. Fresh scents are those that are usually made from lemons and other uplifting scents. Chypre scents are mainly woody and Oriental scents include vanilla and sandalwood!

Now that we know what the most popular scent families are, here are three must-have scents for every woman!

1.        Engage Yang Eau De Parfum

No matter how experimental you want to be, on the days that you feel romantic, joyous, or beautiful, the best perfume to reach out for must be a fruity and floral perfume. It instantly lights up your mood and everyone else’s around you. The Engage yang Eau De parfum’s top note consists of Pear, Red berries and orange. Its heart note consists of apple, toffee and jasmine and its base note consist of vanilla, peach and sandalwood! Talk about a winning combination! This scent can easily work as your daily wear perfume!

2.        Femme Eau De Parfum For Women- Intense

This fragrance is a commingling of the best of the best women’s scents. A perfectly floral and fruity scent, this has Apple, Cypress and Elimi Gum as its top fruity note. Its heart note is floral which comes from germanium and its base note is a woody one that includes amber, patchouli and vanilla! This perfume is intense and a must-have for celebratory occasions or when you want to dress to impress!

Another plus point is that this scent comes in a gorgeous pale pink glass bottle that exudes grace and sophistication!

3.        Engage perfume Spray W6 For Women

If you love perfumes but wish they would last longer on you, an Engage Perfume Spray lasts longer and smells amazing. This perfume spray is the one to buy if you want a woody scent handy. It particularly suits workplaces and more serious environments where you might not want to go with an extremely sweet scent. Woody perfumes give you the added grace and quiet charm to your persona and make you more appealing! This scent contains plum and nutmeg as its top note, iris, and freesia as its heart note and, vetiver and musk as its base note.