Contraindications Of Massage Therapy

There are a few situations that can be contraindicated locally. The rubdown therapist approach can provide you with a rubdown. However, it has to keep away from the one’s regions with the one’s situations while supplying you with the rubdown. Here is a listing of not unusual place contraindications:

Cuts or open wounds


Varicose veins

Broken bones


Some pores and skin situations

If you’ve got those rubdown contraindications and need a rubdown, you must permit your therapist to understand them approximately. Then, hopefully, the rubdown therapist can paint around those regions. However, if they show too extreme, a rubdown might not be suitable. In that case, the therapist reserves the right to refuse a remedy to preserve fitness standards.

Other rubdown contraindications are more specific. You can’t get a rubdown when you have those situations because a rubdown should cause those situations to flare up, making your hassle worse. Here are the situations that fall into that category;


Anytime you’ve got a fever, whether or not from a cold, the flu or a few different contaminations, you must now no longer get a rubdown. Instead, massage will increase circulation that could, in turn, assist the contamination boom, the severity of the fever and the contamination.

Contagious Diseases

If you’ve got contagious sickness, you’re setting your therapist or even your therapist’s different customers susceptible to getting it. So please be thoughtful in your therapist and cancel your rubdown if you come down with a contagious condition.

Blood Clots

Massage can loosen blood clots. However, this will be risky because the clot should migrate to the brain, lungs or heart. If you’re aware of any blood clots, seek advice from your health practitioner earlier than rubdown to ensure that it’ll now no longer be affected with the aid of using a rubdown remedy.


Unless a therapist has been skilled in prenatal rubdown, pregnant shouldn’t ladies must now no longer have a rubdown remedy. It’s mainly volatile withinside the first three months of pregnancy. RMT Kathy Pantalon is a Certified Doula and is appropriately certified to do pre and publish natal rubdown. Please deliver a name to discover which therapist is the proper one for you.

Kidney Conditions or Liver Conditions

Massage can place accelerated stress on the liver and kidney if they’re now no longer functioning normally. This happens because rubdown will increase blood waft, growing the motion of waste thru the body. If you’re experiencing a fitness hassle with both your kidney or liver, it’s miles in all likelihood that rubdown will now no longer be suitable for you. Talk to a fitness care expert to peer if rubdown will worsen any kidney or liver condition.


Though rubdown is right at relieving a number of the pain because of most cancers, it must simplest accept with the aid of using a person skilled to paint with most cancer patients. The affected person must reap a launch shape from their health practitioner to get a remedy.


If you’ve got an infection of any type, rubdown to the region will similarly worsen the situation.

Uncontrolled Hypertension

Massage will increase blood waft. If you’ve got excessive blood strain that isn’t always below control, the accelerated blood waft that could result from a rubdown remedy can also cause problems.