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Is physical therapy is effective in degenerative disc disease?


Yes, it is true that degenerative disc disease is the reason behind your weak spine. That’s why; it is essential for you to work on the strength of your neck, back, and core muscles. In many cases, doctors prefer to visit physical therapists to get better treatment. Physical therapy generally includes both active and passive treatments. Talking about the passive ones, these are required for relaxing your body. They are named passive because there is no active participation. But, the prime aim of this therapy is to get the active treatments. 

Passive physical therapy for degenerative disc disease

Some of the treatments related to this are listed as – 

  • Deep tissue massage

This treatment is known for targeting spasms and chronic muscle tension that can lead to the formation of stress. 

  • Hot and cold therapies

The procedure includes the switch between hot and cold therapies. With heat treatment, a large amount of blood is transferred to the target area. This leads to bringing more oxygen and nutrients to that particular area. On the other hand, cold therapy causes slowing down circulation, minimizing inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. 

  • Spinal traction

It embraces the stretching of your back that causes spinal traction works for alleviating the pain, which is caused by muscle tightness. 

Active physical therapy treatment

In this type of therapy, the therapist teaches different exercises to improve strength, flexibility, motion, and core stability. The exercises are planned to depend on your health and medical history while treating degenerative disc disease. 

Once you learn about these exercises, it is easy for you to correct the posture and do daily activities. RPM Physical Therapy Clinic is one such place where you can get both passive and active treatment for degenerative disc disease.