What are the early signs of pancreas problems?

The human body is indeed a marvel. Many organs and systems in the body work together enabling humans to live and survive. One of the systems such as the digestive system may be seen as just for digesting food we eat by breaking it down to pieces and allowing the body to absorb the nutrients. Do you know that one of the organs involved known as pancreas is so much more than digesting food? Pancreas also helps to maintain blood sugar level by producing hormones known as the insulin. It is important to take care of the body by getting regular health screening and to take preventative measures against diseases.

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Now that you know the function of pancreas, have you ever wondered what happens when you have a problem with pancreas? Common issues in people with pancreas problems are diseases such as acute or chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. These diseases can be life-threatening when left untreated but most often people would come to doctors due to the symptoms causing them to feel great degree of discomfort. Unfortunately, most people may come too late to the doctors as there has been extensive damage to the pancreas. In order to avoid this, knowing early signs of pancreas problems can help a person get medical advice early on. Among the early signs are:

1)  Changes in stool- Stool can be considered an indicator of the health of the digestive system. Stool with light coloured and floating may be a sign of a pancreas problem. Pancreas produce enzymes to digest fat in the diet and when pancreas have problems, indirectly the enzyme is affected too. This led to the stool becoming pale and less dense, at times seeming oily or greasy. Failure of the body to break down dietary fat may indicate pancreas problems.

2)  Abdominal pain- It is true that many medical conditions that could be leading to abdominal pain. However, it is important to pay extra attention whenever the abdominal pain manifests as pain that starts from the middle abdomen and feels like radiating to the middle or lower back. Such a sign and another sign of abdominal pain of the middle abdomen that comes suddenly and intensely may be suggestive for pancreas problems.

3)  Nausea and vomiting- Since pancreas produces enzymes that break down fats from food eaten, pancreas problems definitely tend to affect the ability of the body to digest fast which leads to nausea. Nausea or vomiting can get worse after a person eats food high in fat.

4)  Diabetes- As mentioned before, the pancreas produces insulin that regulates the blood sugar level. A new diagnosis of diabetes may be a sign of pancreas problems. Sudden changes of diabetes status without strong reasons may be associated with pancreatic cancer.

5)   Unexplained weight loss- This type of weight loss can be caused by digestive issues such as pancreatic cancer.

6)  Jaundice- Sign of jaundice such as yellow tints if the skin or in the whites of the eyes can be signs of pancreas issues.

Early signs of pancreas problems can overlap with other medical conditions. Hence, it is best to get medical advice if you experience any of the signs. Getting early diagnosis can help prevent possible complications from pancreas problems. Beside knowing early signs of pancreas issues, taking care of the pancreas can greatly reduce risk for pancreas problems. This includes limiting alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, practising healthy balanced meals and regular exercise or workout. If you want to take supplements to help improve your digestive system, do have discussion with your healthcare provider especially if you are diagnosed with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes.

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