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5 Benefits of Orbera Balloon Surgery:

A gastric balloon or orbera balloon is a surgical balloon, that is inserted into the stomach of the patient to reduce the space in there so that the patient can’t eat as much and will feel full faster. It is a simple process that is done under sedation or through general anesthetic. It normally takes around 20 minutes to complete this process and post that the balloon is filled with either liquid or air.

Let us take a look at the benefits of Orbera balloon surgery,

1.   No surgery:

 The patient is sedated through anesthesia, and then the silicone balloon is guided down into the stomach through the throat. the doctor then guides an endoscope—a small tube with a camera down the throat—and observes the silicone balloon as it is inflated with saline. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and the patient can go home the same day.

2.   Temporary:

The gastric balloon is meant to be in a patient’s stomach for only six months before it is removed with an endoscope. In case of any special circumstances arise sooner than that, the orbera balloon can be taken out at any time.

3.   Cost:

The average cost of Orbera Balloon Surgery is significantly less than the average cost of different types of weight loss surgery.

4.   Eligibility:

 You may be eligible for an orbera balloon surgery even if you are not eligible for other types of weight loss surgery.Candidates require excessively high BMIs and severe weight-related health problems before they consider gastric bypass surgery. People with lower BMIs who have less excess weight can also go for Orbera balloon surgery.

5.   Real Weight Loss:

Orbera balloon surgery’s weight loss results in six months where they have the balloon in their stomach ranges between 20 and 50 pounds, depending on the candidate’s starting weight. After the balloon is removed, patients can continue to lose and maintain weight with the diets and exercise routines provided by the medical expert.

Considering the above benefits before undergoing the surgery would prove beneficial. Candidates can be sure of the results and be mentally prepared about the surgery.