How Do You Select The Best Mother Plant? 

There are a few plants in the range of various cannabis and marijuana plants that will showcase exceptional features. The aroma, flavor, productivity, endurance, the yield and many others will urge you to believe that there is something special with this plant. Well, this can be a mother plant, and if you are already awe inspired by its unusual growth, you would want to keep it with you for as long as you can. We have come across plenty of queries about mother cannabis plants, which are later used to create clones for better production. This piece of article shall cater to all your queries about one such mother cannabis plant that you came across.

There is a popular method of growing the plant from the cuttings. With this method, you can shorten the growth phase and you can create plants with unique features. But, to make this process successful, you need to select the right mother plant. Keep reading and you will know the exact ways to select your cannabis mother plant.

The selection criteria of a mother plant would depend upon your personal tastes and expectations. However, there are certain general things that need mentioning. Look at the information below:

  1. The Germination vigor of the plant

Looking at the germination vigor of the plant, you can easily guess if the plant is showcasing some unique characteristics. Many a time, it will also depend upon the lineage from which the plant hails from. Today, most of the cannabis plants are hybrid and they are created by professional breeders with one or several characteristics in one plant.


  1. Development of Radicular mass

While you select the mother plant, you should also consider the energy and growth speed of the root system. The roots contain the digestive system of the plants and when the plant is blessed with a strong immune system, it promotes quick and strong structural development.

  1. The vegetative structure

You must pay attention to the different components popped up during the vegetative phase such as nodes, main cola and the secondary branching. You need to be very cautious during this stage as looking at the growth of the plant, you can determine a lot of things.


  1. The resistance against fungi and insects

This is one important point to keep in mind while selecting your cannabis mother plant. A mother plant will always have strong immune as it is a mother plant. You will not need to take much efforts when it comes to preventing pests and fungi that might develop in the plant.

Now that you know how to pick up your mother plant, get the best pot seeds in the US and see if you can grow a mother plant and keep it for long with you.